Shades of Fall: Jewellery for Autumn

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front ancient roman marriage ring hatton garden berganza
Ancient Roman marriage fede ring, circa 4th century AD.
Ref: 23775

Saturday 10th September 2011

With Fall now upon us, jewellery fashion naturally turns toward an autumnal palette. The gem which is perhaps the most fitting for this season is the citrine, which ranges in hue from deep orange to pale golden yellow, evocative of Fall leaves.  Another transparent gemstone which appears in a variety of autumnal shades is the garnet, which most often forms in deep reds and oranges.  Opaque stones such as agates and carnelian also come in colours also reminiscent of the harvest.  These warm tones are, naturally, best suited to be set in yellow gold, which is so often the case.  But of course there is also jewellery which befits the season without the use of stones, namely foliate forms, which have ever been a popular theme in the history of personal adornment, from Ancient Rome to through to modern times. Please enjoy this selection of examples from our current collection.

Ceylon yellow sapphire diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Vintage Ceylon yellow sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1966.
Ref: 25069
Antique tourmaline and diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Antique tourmaline and diamond coronet cluster ring, circa 1900.
Ref: 17869
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