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Explore the Ages with Medieval, Viking & Tudor Rings

Early, historic and medieval rings, dating from circa 5th to 15th century AD are very rare and were predominately reserved for the highest members of society, such as royalty, nobility and high-ranking clergymen. The immaculate craftsmanship that went into creating these pieces ensured they have stood the test of time. Viking rings have a very distinct appearance, typically in the form of twisted wires, which vary from being simple in design to elaborate, with some rings featuring numerous yellow gold wires plaited together. 

Medieval seal rings were both a decorative and functional piece of jewellery, and were an essential part of business transactions as they allowed the wearer to authorise important documents. During the Medieval era, iconographic rings were also popular. These often had a specific shape, usually with two parallel flat sides reaching to a central point. They were often engraved with images of saints and enhanced with floral or geometric motifs.

Other types of rings we see during this era include Bishop’s stirrup rings, often set with a gemstone such as turquoise or amethystLater, in the Tudor period, rings heavily featured gold and gemstones, with sapphires and diamonds appearing in the most striking pieces from this period. Each extraordinary early ring offers a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era. We are privileged to be able to offer an impressive collection of these very special and rare jewels, such as signet rings, which can be prized, enjoyed and worn today. Explore Berganza's timeless treasures, from ancient relics to opulent Victorian and Art Deco pieces. Discover exquisite antique engagement rings, each with its own story of love.


Early rings, also known as historic rings, were created between the 5th and 17th century and were owned by the wealthiest people in society. The high quality of materials used and specialist craftsmanship mean that some of these pieces have survived through to today, where they can still be worn and enjoyed. Early rings feature gold predominantly, with sapphires being popular amongst royalty and upper nobility.

Tudor rings were created between the 15th and 17th century, during the reign of the Tudor Monarchs, from King Henry VII, to Queen Elizabeth I. They feature expensive materials such as gold and silver, and rare gemstones from sapphires to diamonds. Jewellery from this era that was owned by the highest members of society would typically feature large and precious jewels, resulting in strikingly beautiful pieces. Yellow gold was especially popular at this time.

Medieval rings originate from the 5th to the 15th century, so fall under the same category as historic and early rings. These rings once again featured silver and yellow gold, ornate engravings and impressive gemstones. The historic significance of these rings makes them a popular choice for engagement rings, as they would originally have been used in betrothal ceremonies in medieval times.

Tudor rings are a wonderful option for some couples, as the era marked the English Renaissance, a time renowned for cultural and artistic evolutions. For creative and unique couples, choosing an engagement ring from this era could be a wonderful choice to reflect how you see yourselves as a couple. Moreover, these rings have plenty of historical significance and are truly unique!

Clean early rings carefully to help them last as long as possible. We recommend using a soft cloth to gently wipe your ring. You should have early rings cleaned professionally once a year.

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