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The term 'cabochon' comes from the French word 'caboche', meaning 'head.' Cabochon rings include a gemstone that has been polished or shaped rather than faceted. The result is jewellery with a gemstone that has a round, flat appearance. 

Cabochon jewels were the default method of preparing gemstones before gemstone cutting was invented. Prior to the 14th Century, all gemstones were polished into cabochons. Much of our ancient jewellery features cabochon jewels. Cabochon ring cutting is one of the original ways diamond cutters created stunning antique jewellery. Vintage cabochon rings display the art of historical jewellery making. 

Cabochon rings have been found in jewellery dating back to the Ming Dynasty and other ancient cultures, including ancient civilisations of Egypt. Cabochon stones have also been found in ancient Mexican, Persian, and Tibetan cultures. Polishing stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and rubies were very popular and can be seen in ancient royal jewellery collections. Many vintage cabochon rings include these gemstones. 

Throughout history, cabochon rings have always been in style. They are a traditional way of preparing jewellery, and vintage jewellery enthusiasts have always wanted cabochon rings. Cabochon rings were well known for being able to display a gem's excellent colour and saturation. The unique cut can display the beautiful optical properties of the stone, such as asterism and iridescence. This cutting method is excellent for gemstones like sapphires, as the smooth surface shows off its stunning natural colour. 

Cabochon rings became popular during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s. Exotic jewellery styles were in high demand due to the innovative atmosphere of the time. However, this historic cutting method has not fallen out of popularity completely. There are a couple of beautiful examples of vintage cabochon rings in our collection of Art Deco engagement rings

If any of our stunning cabochon rings catch your eye, don't hesitate to contact us online or visit our Hatton Garden showroom. 


A cabochon ring is a ring including a cabochon stone. A cabochon stone can be categorised by its smooth, round surface and flat back. Cabochon stones can be made out of many different gemstones. Cabochon stone production is the original way to make jewellery- prior to the 14th Century; every gemstone was a cabochon stone. For this reason, there are many antique cabochon rings.

Cabochon is the original way to produce gemstones for jewellery, meaning many beautiful pieces of ancient jewellery use cabochon stones. Yes, many cabochon rings are valuable. Furthermore, vintage cabochon rings often show off the gemstone's high quality, making them very valuable. To find out more about the value of your ring, please contact one of our experts here online.

Cabochon gemstones make beautiful focal points in jewellery. They are often used to make cabochon rings but can also be used in pendants. Smaller cabochon stones can be used as part of a bigger jewellery design, for example, in vintage brooches or tiaras. However, vintage cabochon rings are the most common way you will see cabochon gemstones.

Preserving your vintage jewellery, such as an antique cabochon ring, is important. Because cabochon rings are often antique, cleaning them properly is important to preserve their value. Make sure you rinse your ring. Rinse your ring carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Be careful when cleaning antique cabochon rings - the stones are extremely precious and can be easier to dislodge. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your vintage cabochon ring can be taken care of properly.

Here at Berganza, there are many things we take into consideration when evaluating antique cabochon rings. Because they can be hundreds of years old, we study them very carefully. As cabochon rings were the first method of jewellery production, they can be very valuable. First of all, we pay close attention to the vintage cabochon ring to determine its value. If you have any authentication (such as proof of purchase or proof of designer), this can increase the value of your antique cabochon ring. Cabochon rings can be precious, and we are committed to accurately assessing each piece that passes through our doors.

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