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Explore Vintage & Antique Brooches

Discover the exciting world of vintage brooches! One of the earliest forms of jewellery, antique brooches date back thousands of years and were initially a practical adornment used to fasten clothing. They quickly became decorative, as did antique pins, and are now a must have accessory.

Elegantly handcrafted, brooches with diamonds have been adding sparkle to outfits for centuries. Along with diamond brooches and pins, our collections showcases pieces in an array of different gemstones from sapphires and rubies to emeralds and pearls, all from a variety of eras.

Explore ornate Victorian butterfly brooches, and then dazzling designs from the twentieth century with Edwardian and Art Deco brooches featuring natural coloured gemstones and scintillating hand-cut diamonds, which can be worn in a myriad of ways.

Today brooches can be seen adorning both celebrities walking the red carpet during event season, and royalty. From Timothee Chalamet’s vintage Cartier brooch to the Princess of Wales’ Art Deco diamond clip brooch, inspiration can be found everywhere and there has never been a better time to add this piece of treasure to your jewellery box! 


There are many different ways in which you can inspect whether a brooch is vintage or antique. You can look at the clasp of the brooch as these changed throughout the eras. Other ways include looking at the hallmark or maker's mark so that you can identify the age, and the cuts of gemstones and diamonds.

When cleaning antique or vintage brooches, you can either use a soft cloth or simply use warm soapy water and brush with a soft toothbrush, depending on what the brooch is made from.

These can be worn and given a new lease of life. For most old brooches and pins it is best to appreciate them and hand them down to your family as they will appreciate in value over time.

Vintage brooches and antique brooches can vary in value due to the different materials used, the gems incorporated and also whether it is a signed piece. They can range from £100 up to £100,000 and upwards.

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