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Antique and Vintage Cluster Rings

Cluster rings became extremely popular in the 1700s and remain a tasteful, wearable style today. Their timeless designs tell us a beautiful story about how fashions have changed throughout time and how antique cluster rings have continuously risen to meet them. With their magnetism and the way the light bounces of the scattered stones, cluster rings have long been sought after.

The main design of the cluster is a larger centered gem surrounded by one or more rows of gemstones. The stones can be any shape and cut, not only keeping to the round design. To add to the dept of the design, they are often set with cabochon cut stones or alternating coloured gems to contrast the central piece.

When antique Georgian rings first introduced the cluster design, it featured much more metal and often fewer gemstones. Cluster rings from this era had a more rose-like design. During the Industrial Revolution, between 1760 and 1840, the cluster ring became more delicate, with lighter claws, and the gems were set much closer together. Victorian rings and jewellery from this period were often made in rose gold, yellow gold and silver. The Edwardian ring designs became even more exquisite and graceful. Floral motifs and intricate details were added. It was also here when jewellers began to work with platinum as it is a strong and durable metal and provided for new ideas to be tried out in the workshops. The Art Deco period was more linear and jewellers experimented with unique geometric shapes. The cluster ring became bold and abstract with asymmetric patterns, angular gemstones, half-halos, and yet closer settings in the favoured metal, platinum.

It is an excellent choice as a statement ring as it holds many design possibilities depending on which era you most enjoy or style you prefer. It can be dressed up or down and can be worn for any occasion. Jewellery is not meant to be kept in a jewellery box and hidden away, and neither is this design. It is all about the eye-catching effect. 


Yes, but make sure you have it cleaned and checked regularly. It is a design containing many settings and gemstones. The tap test is always a good method to assess whether your gemstones are secure. Bring the ring close to your ear and tap the band with your finger. If anything rattles, please bring it into Berganza to have the ring assessed and to have the settings tightened.

Yes, it is, though you may have to choose carefully which fits best. Alternatively, you can commission a bespoke wedding ring through our experts at Berganza, who will endeavour to accommodate your cluster engagement ring so that you may wear both as a beautiful ring stack.

Yes. For a skilled jewellers such as Berganza this won’t be a problem. We will make sure after the resizing that all the stones are secured and all the settings are checked to ensure your heirloom continues to stand the test of time.

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