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Explore Diamond & Art Deco Emerald Rings

Emerald rings, once known for adorning royal figures such as Cleopatra have evolved over time into an elegant accessory, sought after by many.  From daring cabochon cuts to the specially faceted emerald-cut, the emerald’s enthralling green hue is sure to catch the eye!

Our collection of antique emerald rings showcase a stunning array of designs, from classic solitaire rings to captivating three stones and coronet clusters – there is something to suit each preference. The vibrant green of our emeralds complements both rich yellow gold and the silvery brightness of platinum. This versatility makes vintage emerald rings a favoured choice for any occasion or outfit.

Our highly sought after Colombian emerald rings are celebrated for their unsurpassed colour, a saturated green hue, which is a true marvel of nature. These make for the most beautiful of antique emerald engagement rings, bringing exquisite handcraftsmanship and vivid colour to the fore.

Be inspired by pieces such as Jackie Kennedy’s famous vintage emerald engagement ring or indeed travel back further in time. From the Georgian era's closed back cut-down settings to the intricate carved details that were favoured by the Victorians, vintage emerald rings can be found in many styles.

Immerse yourself in the ornate mastery of Art Deco emerald rings or go bold with a vintage emerald cocktail ring, many which were crafted by renowned jewellery houses, from French masters such as Cartier and Boucheron, to incredible American designs from Tiffany & Co. and Oscar Heyman & Brothers.

In the heart of Hatton Garden, we invite you to the Berganza showroom to view our array of emerald rings. Whether gifted to a partner to symbolise your love and commitment, or you are treating yourself to a piece for a special occasion, emerald rings are truly versatile and deserved in their attention!


Emeralds are a precious gemstone and a member of the Beryl family. They are famous for their rich green hue. They are also said to have supernatural powers, such as revealing truth and protecting from disease.  Emeralds are most often displayed on antique emerald rings with rich and vibrant yellow gold in order to maximise the appearance of the striking green. 

Emeralds are 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning they are durable, yet they need to be cared for properly. It is best to clean an emerald with a soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt from the surface of the stone. The fact that many emerald rings currently on the market are vintage emerald rings or Art Deco emerald rings hints at their durability. To prolong the life of your antique emerald rings, you should look after them carefully.

The emerald cut was often used for coloured gemstones from the Victorian era, but became popular in the Art Deco era as a diamond cut. It is called an emerald-cut as the cut was originally designed for emeralds, enabling the beauty of the striking green stones to shine through. The emerald cut dates back to the 1500’s, making it a common feature of antique rings and vintage rings.

The cost of an emerald depends on the quality and size of the stone, as well as market demand. As a point of reference, natural unenhanced emeralds are much rarer than diamonds, meaning they can demand a higher price.

A cluster design is particularly popular for diamond emerald rings across the eras. Diamond and emerald rings often consist of a central emerald surrounded by smaller diamonds. Platinum and yellow gold are the most common metals that are chosen to complete diamond emerald rings. Other popular styles are a solitaire, a single emerald set on a band, or a three stone design with a central emerald and a diamond either side.

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