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Explore Ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek Rings

Rings are one of the most powerful and evocative forms of antique jewellery. In its simplest form, a ring is a simple band that encircles the finger, composed of any material from bone, wood, glass to precious metal.

Rings are not just for personal adornment and displaying wealth and status, but also for a number of symbolic reasons including a statement of love, religious and superstitious belief, providing proof of identity and also marking births and deaths.

The ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilisations created specific styles of rings which incorporated motifs and designs particular to their cultural identity. From ancient intaglio rings in Mesopotamia to Ancient Egyptians, who wore signet rings for example, often in the form of a scarab beetle or the sun, which were motifs important to their society. Also, it was common to see rock crystal and amethyst carved and pierced through with gold wire and rotated around a hoop. Unique ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian rings continue to circulate today!

Both modern and ancient rings are often seen as a symbol of love, with the never-ending circle denoting the infinity of sentiment. This concept was first invented by the ancient Greeks, however it was during the Roman period that rings were formally introduced as part of the marriage ceremony.

Berganza's collection of ancient jewellery and rings, such as Egyptian, Roman, and Greek rings encompass a profusion of varied designs, from complicated ornate rings through to simple dainty rings, every single one unique and handcrafted. Among these historical treasures, you'll also discover an exquisite selection of antique engagement rings, each bearing its own captivating story of love and commitment from eras past.


Rings are one of the oldest and most powerful forms of jewellery documented in history. Rings have appeared in almost every culture of the world and their history spans centuries. From symbolic items of faith or to show power and wealth, ancient rings have been used for a number of different reasons throughout the ages. Ancient rings can be dated back to the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Even more impressively, with such a long-spanning history, many of these ancient rings are still available today.

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying an ancient ring due to some being more delicate than others. You may be considering a piece which you can wear everyday, or something a little more unique and ornate for more special occasions, for which the ancient ring you choose will differ. Ancient rings made using gold, silver or iron are much more hard-wearing and rings that are free from gems, crystals and stones will be less fragile for day to day use. Ancient Greek and Egyptian rings typically used gold and silver as this symbolised luxury and status. Symbols were featured on many ancient rings and they often have scenes depicting gods, battle scenes and animals. Many mythological subjects were inscribed onto ancient rings, particularly on Egyptian and Ancient Greek rings, so this is also something to consider when picking an ancient ring to form part of your collection.

Ancient rings, including Egyptian, Greek and Roman can be more delicate due to how old they are and also the types of conditions the ring has been through. When cleaning and caring for ancient rings, it is important to remember that the materials may react with some modern substances which may cause discolouration. The best way to care for ancient rings is to keep them dry, avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes and soaps. It is also important to remove the ring for exercise and swimming as this can corrode the materials. After each wear, gently wipe your ancient ring with a dry, soft cloth. When not wearing, store your jewellery in a dry, dark place so that it does not get damaged or become discoloured and carry out regular inspections on any metal settings and hooks on your jewellery to avoid damage.

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