Antique & Vintage Pearl Rings

Rings set with natural pearls


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Antique Pearl Rings

Pearl rings are some of the most timeless and elegant pieces in our collection. With a beautiful lustre, the natural pearls in our collection are some of the world’s rarest gemstones and adorn rings from across the eras.

Discover our historic selection of antique pearl rings, which date back to the Georgian era and spans centuries. Pearl and diamond rings come in many configurations, three stone rings and carved five stone rings all sit beautifully on the finger showcasing perfectly matching gemstones, or indeed make a statement with a pearl solitaire!

Pearl engagement rings, which were once the gem of choice to commemorate this occasion back in the Edwardian era, are a most romantic way to express your love. Pearl cluster rings feature a dazzling array of diamonds which frame and showcase the pearl, or be drawn into the mesmerising beauty of a pearl crossover ring, also often known as a ‘toi et moi’. This asymmetric design is truly the epitome of love, symbolising the entwining of two souls!

Art Deco pearl rings often combine a mix of different colours of pearl to create a dramatic monochrome aesthetic. From delicate creams to bolder greys and silvers, each vintage pearl ring is utterly unique, appealing to those in search of something a bit different, but timelessly effortless!

Immerse yourself in a sea of these dreamy gemstones at Berganza and choose your next piece of treasure from our fine selection of natural pearl rings.


You can decipher whether a pearl is real by gently rubbing it on the front of your tooth. A natural pearl will feel gritty and if it is fake, it will feel lighter and smooth. Colouring is another indication of whether a pearl is natural. If antique pearl rings and jewellery are very slightly yellow, they are likely to be real, as natural pearls are subject to a change in colour over time. The best way to be sure whether a pearl is natural is to go to a certified jeweller.

When you have pearls, it is advisable to wipe them with a soft cloth every time you wear them. This will help to prevent any build-ups of oils and other damaging materials which the pearl may have come into contact with.

The pearl has many symbolic meanings which are mostly thought of as highly feminine, making them a popular choice in the form of antique pearl rings. Pearls symbolise fertility, long life and are considered as a symbol of the moon. When buried in the Oyster shell, the pearl represents hidden knowledge.

Vintage and antique pearl rings can cost anything from £250 and can rise exponentially, all depending on the quality of the pearl, whether it is naturally made or cultivated, as well as the material of the setting of the ring. All these features make a noticeable difference in the price of the ring.

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