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Pendants have a rich history spanning millennia. Egyptians wore amulets, whilst Greeks and Romans used pendants for status and protection. During the Middle Ages, European aristocracy favoured precious metal pendants with religious or heraldic motifs.

Moving forwards to the Victorian Era, lockets became fashionable, featuring miniature portraits or hidden compartments. In the Edwardian era, mixed metals became popular with the recent introduction of platinum, allowing for fine detail. Pendants in this period therefore featured intricate motifs such as bows, tassels, garlands and laurel wreaths. In the Art Deco period, pendant designs reflected the geometric shapes that were popularised at the time.

Pendants can be worn wear every day, or you may want to opt for a bold or intricate design for more of a statement piece. Their uniqueness and proximity to the heart makes them ideal for commemorating a special occasion.

Antique gemstone pendants are particularly versatile, and can be worn from day to night. Popular gemstones include natural pearls, amethyst and aquamarine. Vintage diamond pendants are especially popular. Negligee pendants, composed of two pendant drops usually at differing lengths, were also a fashionable design and add a beautiful dimension of movement.

There are many motifs seen in antique pendants. These include lockets, hearts and crosses. Floral and foliate motifs were particularly in fashion throughout several eras and can be seen decorating many antique and vintage pendants. Perhaps one of the most romantic of gifts is a vintage pendant locket - a piece which can open to reveal space for a photograph or object. Lockets were particularly popular in the Victorian and the early Edwardian periods, when people were inspired by Queen Victoria and enjoyed sentimentality and romance. These lockets were often heart-shaped, and could be engraved or gem-set. Antique cross pendants could be adorned with highly decorative detailing or set with precious gemstones. These were especially popular in Georgian jewellery.

From decorative Victorian pendants to vintage diamond pendants, we have a selection of unique antique pieces which will be forever treasured.


A vintage pendant is a piece of jewellery that is placed onto a chain and worn as a necklace. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, incorporating different gemstones and motifs as styles changed across the centuries. Vintage heart pendants are especially popular, as pendants are often looked upon as love tokens. Vintage diamond pendants are perhaps one of the most striking styles, offering an elegant and wearable take on the classic diamond necklace.

A cameo pendant is made by carving a gemstone, for example carnelian, to depict the profile of a face. Authentic cameo pendants will usually be set in gold or silver. These were especially popular during the Victorian era.

There are two ways to clean vintage gold pendants. You can either clean it with a soft dry cloth, or place it in a bowl of warm water and gently brush it with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt. Make sure you rinse it properly and leave to dry fully before putting it away.

Each antique or vintage pendant is very individual, with many different aspects taken into account when deciding how best to clean it. You can dip a soft toothbrush in warm water and then simply brush the jewellery. This will help to preserve the jewellery for as long as possible. For softer materials like pearls, consider having jewellery professionally cleaned, or use a soft dry cloth.

The beauty of a pendant necklace is that they can be worn in a wide range of different ways. More simple antique pendant necklaces can be worn daily with shirts or dresses for a subtle statement. Extravagant pieces are ideal for special occasions and are often the focal piece of an outfit. With both simple and eye-catching designs to choose from, you can select the ideal pendant to meet your needs.

Many of our pendants are accompanied by a chain, but occasionally the original pendant is not alongside its chain. However, we do have a selection of chains to choose from if desired!

There are many styles of pendants, such as a solitaire, locket, cross or heart pendant. However, some pendants, such as those we see in the Edwardian era, are more abstract in design, featuring gemstones displayed in an aesthetic pattern and often feature motifs such as bows and garlands. We see this same concept in the Art Deco era, with gemstones displayed in a geometric, linear fashion.

When choosing a pendant as a gift, consider the recipient's personal style and metal preference. You may want to think about the occasion and choose symbols or motifs with personal significance, such as a pendant featuring the recipients birthstone, or a piece featuring floral motif’s if they are a nature lover!

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