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Antique Yellow Diamond Rings

Antique yellow diamond rings offer wearable sunshine and warmth, captured within this rare stone. Whilst white diamonds are quintessentially associated with engagements, they do in fact come in a rainbow of colours, some more rare than others.

The first yellow diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1867, and is known today as the Eureka stone. According to the Gemological Institue of America (GIA), only one in 10,000 natural diamonds is a coloured diamond, and this rarity has only served to make them more desirable. Whilst the white diamond ring is a timeless classic, yellow diamonds are certainly not a hidden beauty. They make a beautiful gift for a loved one, an investment piece for antique jewellery collectors, or a family heirloom, to pass down through the generations.

All the historic pieces within Berganza’s collection are natural, with no enhancements or treatments, with the rare colouration of a yellow diamond is caused by the presence of nitrogen within the crystal lattice, rather than through any artificial processes. Hand-cut and faceted by expert diamond cutters throughout the centuries to best showcase their exquisite hue, the yellow diamond rings in our showroom are coloured only by nature. 

Coloured diamonds are highly sought after because of their rarity, and yellow diamond engagement rings have become increasingly popular over recent years because of their elegance.

Find beautiful precious stones and antique engagement rings online and in Berganza’s jewellery showroom  in Hatton Garden, London, in a myriad of unique designs, cuts, and shapes.


Yellow diamonds occur naturally in the earth, but they can also be made in a laboratory. Berganza only sources natural, unenhanced yellow diamond jewellery. In fact, regardless of colour or cut, the precious gemstones in our collection are natural, and never laboratory-grown. Should you purchase any of our pieces, you will be provided with a valuation for insurance, which states this.

Diamonds are formed through compressed carbon beneath the earth’s surface. What differs with yellow diamonds, however, is that a change occurs in their chemical structure. Nitrogen, as a trace element, is entrapped in the stone’s structure and absorbs blue-spectrum light through its atomic structure, turning the stone visibly yellow.

Yes, yellow diamonds sparkle. Like their colourless counterparts, facets within the stone send light bouncing around all of their angles, showcasing a beautiful scintillation. The degree of their brilliance - that is to say, the strength of their sparkle - depends on how the diamond is cut; at Berganza, all of our diamond jewellery is hand-cut and faceted to bring out its most dazzling sparkle.

Yellow diamond rings and jewellery are a great investment, especially when seeking a piece that is expected to accrue value. Many people choose coloured diamond jewellery as a family heirloom to pass down through the generations, exemplifying its sentimental as well as its monetary value. Untreated and natural diamonds, especially yellow diamonds, are increasingly rare in modern precious jewellery, so the historic pieces at Berganza are imbued with this additional value.

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