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Explore Vintage Art Deco Engagement Rings

Step into an era of timeless elegance with our exclusive collection of Art Deco engagement rings, each piece exuding the glamour of Great Gatsby’s fashionable society and capturing the essence of a gilded era while offering a contemporary allure that transcends time.

Inspired by the opulence of the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco antique engagement rings at Berganza showcase exemplary designs, ranging from classic three-stone rings to bold flanked solitaires adorned with baguette-cut diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, reflecting the artistry and ingenuity of the Art Deco period.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our selection embodies the cutting-edge craftsmanship of pavé settings, delicate millegrain edging, and crisp filigree work, creating a memorable spectacle for your special occasion. Whether you prefer the elegance of a coronet cluster or the sophistication of a trilogy ring with a clean silhouette, our diverse range of styles ensures there's something to suit every taste and preference.

Are you in search of a bolder style that never fades? Iconically forged from luxurious platinum, Art Deco style engagement rings evoke the sentiment of the Jazz Age, making them the perfect choice for modern romantics. Featuring stepped shoulders, intricate pierced backholing, and galleries embellished with foliate motifs, each ring is a true masterpiece of geometric design.

Discover the beauty of the Roaring Twenties with captivating Art Deco diamond engagement rings contrasted with strinking opaque colours of onyx, coral, jade and lapis. Visit Berganza’s showroom at Hatten Garden and be enchanted by the glamour. Designed to dazzle and delight, your Art Deco-inspired engagement ring is destined to become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.


Art Deco engagement rings encapsulate an era of glamour and sophistication, which makes them the perfect choice when choosing unique vintage engagement rings. Art Deco was prominent during the 1920s - 1930s and the style is characterised by abstract designs, colours and geometric patterns and shapes. Art deco rings are still very much in demand as they are superbly unique. With a range of beautiful colourful gems, sophisticated diamond settings and unique designs, our carefully curated selection of vintage Art Deco wedding rings, as well as engagement, means that you not only get to choose a vintage treasure from one of the most prominent eras in history, but a unique and timeless vintage art deco engagement ring.

Art Deco is perhaps amongst the most recognisable styles in history. The 1920s-1930s had huge influence on the way in which jewellery was designed and many long-established jewellery companies, including Tiffany & Co, designed and created many of their iconic pieces during this time. Art Deco wedding rings, jewellery, engagement rings in particular, have some characteristics which make them truly distinguishable from any other era. Whilst the Victorian era influenced elegant and romantic jewellery pieces, the Art Deco era made way for a new and modern aesthetic. Vintage Art Deco engagement rings were mainly designed using white gold, yellow gold, platinum and silver and incorporated stones such as pearls, diamonds and rubies - all of which were very attractive and sought after at the time. Art Deco engagement rings also tended to use geometric shapes and settings and you’ll be able to distinguish genuine Art Deco jewellery pieces as the colours will usually be very bright. Not only are Vintage Art Deco engagement rings bold and beautiful, but they are also very desirable and have a high value.

When deciding on a ring, choosing a genuine, vintage Art Deco engagement ring is important if you want a piece that is true to the era from which it came. Firstly, get an idea of the style and design which you would like, as this will make it easier to narrow down your search and find the perfect piece. It is important to take into consideration the metal used for the band, as some colours used will naturally complement different skin tones, and also any coloured stones or gems set within the band. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds were typically used in vintage Art Deco engagement rings, meaning that the ring itself can be particularly bright and colourful. However, Art Deco engagement rings can also be simple and elegant, depending on the style in which you choose, so it’s best to take your partner’s personal style into consideration when making the critical desicsion.

When buying an art deco engagement ring, there are differing thoughts on how much should be spent. Traditionally, a ring was to cost around three month’s salary, but the most important thing when it comes to choosing and buying an engagement ring is selecting one which your partner will love. When choosing an Art Deco engagement ring, then the cost will differ depending on the style and design you choose, so look to make a decision based on this, as well as the cost.

Taking care of a vintage Art Deco engagement ring is important as the clasps or claws which hold the diamonds or gems in place can be very delicate. The materials and stones used to create Art Deco engagement rings are typically long lasting, with their age being evidence due to some pieces being 100 years old. Usually, they can withstand day to day wear, but it is best to take it off whilst doing chores or exercise. An art deco engagement ring is very delicate so the best way to clean one is by simply soaking the ring in warm soapy water for 10 minutes in order to dislodge any dirt or dust, It is then best to gently brush around any clasps or claws with a soft toothbrush, then, gently dry and polish with a soft, dry cloth. In order to prolong the life of the ring, then taking proper care of the ring is highly recommended.

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