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Vintage Signed Rings by High-End Designers

A signed ring refers to a piece bearing a maker's mark or signature from a specific jewellery designer or manufacturer. These pieces carry both historical and aesthetic value as extraordinary and rare jewellery. The term ‘signed’ signifies the presence of a visible mark or signature on the piece that identifies the jewellery house who designed it, or the maker who crafted it.

Signed antique and vintage rings are highly coveted not only by jewellery enthusiasts but also by collectors. Collectors often seek signed vintage or antique pieces because they may represent a distinct era, style, or craftsmanship associated with a particular designer. Signed vintage and antique rings are genuinely rare on the market today, presenting an exceptional investment opportunity.

In our collection, we showcase a remarkable array of signed rings from renowned designers such as Tiffany and Co., Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef and Arpels, Oscar Heyman, and many more!


The value of signed vintage or antique ring takes into account several factors such as the age and historical period, quality of the gemstones and complexity of the craftsmanship, the visibility of the maker’s signature, and the rarity of the piece.

Design houses or manufacturers distinguish their styles in signed antique rings through various distinctive elements that reflect their artistic preferences, craftsmanship, and design philosophies. For instance, Bulgari is known for bold designs, with bright, high-quality gemstones, geometric shapes and archaeological influence. On the other hand, colour plays a major role in the pieces of Oscar Heyman and Brothers, enhanced by impressive sculptural and abstract designs.

Here at Berganza, we are experts within the industry. Each ring goes through a rigorous inspection process when we acquire each ring. As specialists, we ensure every signed piece is authentic. 

The rarity of signed vintage and antique rings depends on factors like designer reputation, the precious stones or materials used, limited production, and unique features.

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