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Rose Cut Diamond Rings

The rose cut diamond ring has origins as far back as the 16th Century. Rose cut diamonds are one of the earliest forms of diamond cutting and have been extremely popular for centuries. Antique rose cut rings are often made of diamonds; however, the rose cut looks stunningly beautiful when used on coloured diamond. 

This diamond cut is often known as the most romantic diamond cut - its subtle features contribute to its iconic name. Its circular shape and triangle facets resemble petals, which is where the name comes from. Usually featuring between 6-24 facets, other recognisable features include a domed top with a flat base, distinguishing the rose cut diamond ring from many other diamond cuts. 

The way rose cut diamond rings are formed means they stand out amongst the rest - they are designed to catch natural light in a uniquely beautiful way. Its gentle facets were carved by hand and designed to glow under candlelight. The unique gentle shimmer that an antique rose cut ring emanates only emphasises its vintage glamour. Antique rose cut rings often include asymmetries and imperfections, adding to their character. 

Rose cut diamond rings, alongside other rose cut jewellery, have come in and out of style throughout the centuries. Introduced in the 1500s, it attracted much attention from the higher nobility. However, it reached the height of its popularity during the Georgian period. The Georgian period refers to the time between 1714-1837 and is named after the 4 Kings who reigned in England at the time. The Georgians were captivated by how glittering and shiny the rose cut was and incorporated this cut into much of their jewellery. Many Georgian rings that are also rose cut diamond rings are extremely valuable. 

The Victorians also adored antique rose cut rings. Anyone who buys an antique rose cut ring is said to form a meaningful bond with the ring. The flat back of the rose cut diamond is said to bring the wearer a deeper connection to the ring, which is why it has become one of the most romantic diamond cuts.

Many Victorian engagement rings feature rose cut diamonds, as they believed deeply in the romanticism of the stone. 

There was a brief rose cut renaissance at the turn of the Century, with many rose cut diamond rings being produced during the Edwardian period and at the beginning of the 1920s, before the Art Deco revolution. However, there has always been an intrigue surrounding antique rose cut rings, especially amongst vintage jewellery enthusiasts. 

The romanticism and beauty of rose diamond rings and jewellery are not lost today, over 100 years after the height of their popularity. Many celebrity engagement rings feature stunning examples of rose cut diamond rings, showing how their antique beauty and elegance still survive many years later. If any of our antique rose cut jewellery captivates you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here online or visit us at our showroom at the heart of Hatton Garden


Rose cut diamonds can be recognised by their flat base, triangular facets, and round shape. They often resemble flower petals, which is where they get their name. Rose cut gemstones were created in the 1500s, and was massively popular during the Georgian and Victorian periods. They were designed to be arresting and incredibly shiny, which makes antique rose cut rings a perfect choice for a stunning vintage engagement ring.

Antique rose cut rings can be incredibly valuable because they are often from the Georgian period. Antique rose-cut jewellery often costs more due to its incredible rarity and stunning vintage beauty. Many rose-cut jewellery pieces are antique, usually from the Georgian and Victorian periods, meaning they may be comparatively more expensive than modern rose-cut diamonds.

Rose cut diamonds are popular due to their innate beauty and uniquely vintage shine. Rose cut diamonds have a flat base and domed top, with triangular facets and round shapes. The unique cut of this stone makes it look like a flower, which is why it gets the name 'rose cut.' Rose cut diamond rings are often relatively easy to spot; however, if you can't work it out, make sure to ask a jewellery specialist.

Rose cut jewellery can be extremely rare, as 1 in 10,000 diamonds are fashioned into rose cut gemstones. Antique rose cut rings are even rarer, as they were popular during the Georgian and Victorian periods. Jewellery made from these times is rare, meaning that antique rose cut rings can be rare. Due to this scarcity, they are highly sought after and very valuable.

Here at Berganza, there are many things we take into consideration when evaluating antique rose cut rings. First, we pay close attention to the antique rose cut rings to determine their value. Because they can be hundreds of years old, we study them very carefully. As rose cut gemstones were an early way of producing jewellery, they can be very valuable. If you have any authentication (such as proof of purchase, or proof of designer), this can increase the value of your ring. Rose cut diamond rings can be incredibly valuable, and we are committed to accurately assessing each piece that passes through our doors.

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