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For thousands of years, gold has been treasured, as a form of wealth, status, and personal adornment. Thus, antique and vintage gold jewellery has been, and continues to be, an important commodity within society. 

Our collection of antique and vintage gold jewellery dates back as far as 5BC, with breathtaking ancient rings from the ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian eras that hold an unparalleled depth of history. 

Moving into the medieval jewellery era, antique gold jewellery was often used to portray status, with pieces featuring engravings, iconography and gemstones. The period also saw posy rings become popular.

Antique and vintage gold jewellery from the Georgian era started to feature larger gemstones with more complex designs, such as cluster rings. This developed further in the Victorian period, where magnificent earrings, brooches, bracelets, and necklaces were commonly worn for outings, largely by those in the upper echelons of society. 

During the Art Nouveau movement, antique gold jewellery was heavily influenced by free flowing lines, inspired by nature, and the feminine form, as designers rebelled against the norm. These melodious lines are seen in design features such as the weaving of plant stems, the arcs of wings, a woman’s flowing hair and feminine curves.

Another jewellery movement influenced by the societal changes at the time was Art Deco, featuring geometric designs and bold colours. Platinum and white gold were the metals of choice for this movement, with yellow gold Art Deco pieces being few and far between.

Throughout the 20th century, antique and vintage gold jewellery was produced with expert handcraftsmanship, with a uniqueness and sense of character which is not often seen in modern equivalents. For this reason, antique and vintage gold jewellery continues to hold its value and will appreciate in value over time. 

Our collection of both antique and vintage gold jewellery features rings, earrings, bracelets, and more, along with stunning vintage necklaces, all available online and in our Hatton Garden showroom.


Gold has always been, and continues to be, an exceptionally popular choice for all kinds of jewellery. Antique and vintage gold jewellery collections feature almost every type of jewellery you can imagine, from rings, brooches, and bracelets, to pendants, lockets and cufflinks. Whilst the type and design of jewellery worn has developed across the centuries, the timeless quality of exceptionally made jewellery means that they continue to be treasured today.

Antique gold jewellery is any piece over 100 years old, and currently, this takes us back to around the Art Deco era. Vintage gold jewellery includes pieces that are more than 50 years old, so anything created before the 1970’s. Antique and vintage gold jewellery is particularly popular, as jewellery from these eras was not created through mass production. Each and every piece was handcrafted by a skilled craftsman, with a level of expertise and care that is simply not found in the majority of mass produced, modern pieces.

To clean your vintage gold jewellery, there are a couple of methods. Should your piece consist solely of gold, or if it features closed backholing, we would recommend using a soft microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust and dirt. If your piece contains gemstones, we would recommend getting a bowl of warm water with a few drops of washing up liquid and gently scrubbing the piece with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt, and then gently patting dry with a paper towel. Dirt and dust can build up much quicker than you might think, so we recommend cleaning your vintage gold jewellery every month, if it’s worn daily. This will keep your collection in the best possible condition. Taking your antique and vintage gold jewellery to a professional jeweller at least once a year is also advised, as any weaknesses can be identified and fixed.

The most effective way to find out if a piece of antique or vintage gold jewellery is real, is to visit a certified vintage jeweller. There are some indications as to whether vintage gold jewellery is real by looking at aspects such as hallmarking. However, the most effective method is to have it evaluated by a professional. When purchasing vintage gold jewellery from a professional jeweller, often pieces will also come with paperwork, such as a valuation for insurance, to validate them.

Storing your vintage and antique gold jewellery when it is not being worn will help to reduce build-up of dust. We recommend keeping your antique and vintage gold jewellery wrapped in soft cloths in a secure safe or jewellery box. This will prevent pieces from scratching against each other.

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