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Explore Vintage Flanked Solitaire Earrings

Typically composed of a central stone and flanked by diamond or gem-set shoulders, the flanked solitaire design is an elegant variation of the renowned solitaire design. A versatile and timeless design, the flanked solitaire is certain to stand the test of time.

Whether it be clean lines and elegant flashes of light given by diamond baguette shoulders or the intense sparkle of the old cuts, gem set shoulders perfectly frame the central stone with additional sparkle.

All our rings are original to the time period stated and feature rare hand cut diamonds and natural, unenhanced gemstones. Set in rich yellow gold, warm rose gold or elegant platinum, we have a wide selection of flanked solitaire rings to choose from, in a broad range of price brackets.

As is the case with antique jewellery, each ring has been expertly hand-crafted and features unique detail and craftsmanship that is no longer seen today.


A traditional solitaire ring describes a single stone on a band. A flanked solitaire features additional gemstones – typically diamonds - to either side of the central stone. These flanking diamonds perfectly compliment the central stone and scintillate beautifully in the light.

Rectangular or tapered baguette cut diamonds are typically found in Art Deco pieces, and can beautifully frame the central stone, providing elegant flashes of light. Round old cut diamonds are also often found as flanking stones, and provide an intense sparkle to compliment the central stone.

It is very rare to find pieces that are set with anything other than diamonds as the flanking stones, but we do occasionally acquire pieces that are flanked by other gemstones.

Flanked solitaires can be set with a myriad of different gemstones as the central stone. We have a stunning selection of pieces set with Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and many other gemstones. The flanking diamonds will compliment the colour of the central stone beautifully, and provides an added element of sparkle to the ring.

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