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Discover Our Collection of Old Mine Cut Diamond Rings and Jewellery

Old cut diamond rings are some of the most sought after antique jewellery pieces in the industry. Old mine cut diamonds have a very long and rich history, and can be traced back as early as the 1700s. The old mine cut diamond gets its name from its origin, which is the old diamond mines of Brazil and India. In the past, most diamonds on the market came from these mines. 

One factor that makes old mine cut diamond rings very popular is how unique they are. Each old mine cut diamond is as unique as the hand that cut it. Fascinatingly, they were cut by hand and often in candlelight. Old mine cut diamonds often display the originality and talent of stonecutters in history. Stonecutters of the past weren’t working with fluorescent lighting and modern technology, yet were still able to create beautiful stone cuts. Old mine cut diamonds are evidence of the finest artisanal skill from history. 

Because old mine cut diamonds were crafted by hand, they look very different to other diamond cuts. The facets and the culets of old mine cut diamonds are much larger and irregular, and the tables are much smaller. They were designed for candlelight, meaning they display stunning asterism and shine in natural light. 

Old mine diamond cut rings were very popular during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Our Georgian and Edwardian rings collections display a lot of old mine cut diamonds. Throughout these eras, women of high society were starting to experiment with the way they dressed and began to wear more jewellery.

Towards the end of these eras, diamonds had overtaken pearls as the most popular stone for the upper echelons of high society. Old mine cut diamonds were well renowned for their beauty and prestige to the high society ladies who wore them. Old cut diamond rings are still stunning today, and are some of the most popular antique jewellery choices on the market today. 

Our collection of old mine cut diamond jewellery includes selections from a myriad of different cultures and eras, displaying the artisanal talent of historical gemcutters. If any of our old cut diamond rings or jewellery catches your eye, please be in touch with us here online, or visit us at our Hatton Garden residence.


Old mine cut diamonds were diamonds created in the 1700s, originating from the old mines of India and Brazil. They are very unique diamonds, as at this point in history, diamonds were cut by the hands of artisanal diamond cutters. Every old mine cut diamond is one of a kind, displaying the stunning craftsmanship of historical stonecutters. They are still popular today because of their distinctive beauty.

Most old mine cut diamond jewellery can be traced back to the 1700s. They were created before the major diamond cutting techniques we use today were invented, in the late 19th Century. Old mine cut diamonds were produced from the 18th Century, and were popular all the way up until the Victorian era.

Old mine cut diamonds were cut by hand in the early 1700s, and each one was unique and different from the last. Each of them originated from the old mines of India and Brazil, which is where they got their name. Old European cut diamonds were invented in the late 19th century. Old mine cut diamonds were a predecessor of the old European cut.

Old mine cut diamonds follow a similar formation, however, each one is unique. Each old mine cut diamond looks slightly different from the last, as they were not standardised by machine cutting techniques. Each old mine cut diamond was cut by hand by the master diamond cutters of history, each done by candlelight. Even though they were produced a long time ago, old mine cut diamond jewellery is still popular today due to their distinctive antique elegance.

Old mine cut diamonds can be 300 years old, which means that they are very valuable, as many of them would be considered rare antiques. Many people search for old mine cut diamond rings and jewellery because of their unique beauty. They are evidence of the evolving diamond industry, displaying the talent of historical stonecutters. Old mine cut diamonds can be worth quite a lot of money, so if you have a piece you want to have evaluated with us, contact us at purchases@berganza.com

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