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Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond Coronet Cluster Rings

The coronet cluster design is defined as a larger central stone, surrounded by smaller stones, creating a floral-like appearance. Although defined by this floral shape, coronet clusters in different eras present themselves in various ways. For example, in the Victorian era, you will see yellow gold, ornate designs, with occasionally silver settings. Whereas, if we move into the Edwardian era, we see much lighter depictions of the coronet cluster, with finer, more elegant details, enabled by the recent introduction of platinum in jewellery.

Coronet cluster rings feature all diamonds but often include coloured gemstones as well. When featuring a coloured gemstone, this tends to be the central stone of the ring, becoming the focal point of the piece, complemented with surrounding diamonds.

The coronet cluster ring is an ultra-feminine style that can be found throughout many time periods, making for a timeless option for both an engagement or dress ring


'Coronet' refers to a circular headband or crown, so therefore the coronet cluster style is defined by a larger central stone, surrounded by several smaller stones, creating a floral appearance.

The coronet cluster style is seen as far back as the Georgian period, and has evolved throughout the era’s to be more popular today than ever.

Coronet cluster rings can feature a myriad of different gemstones. Whilst diamonds are a popular option, we often see coloured gemstones featuring as the central stone of the coronet cluster. For example, HRH The Princess of Wales, boasts a remarkable coronet cluster ring featuring a sapphire to the centre surrounded by diamonds that once belonged to Princess Diana.

Coronet clusters featuring diamonds, sapphires and rubies are indeed practical for everyday wear. However, if they feature softer gemstones such as opal, pearl or emerald, they will require a little more care.

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