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Antique Yellow Sapphire Rings

Whilst many people know of, and covet, blue sapphire rings, there are many other colours that this versatile gemstone appears in. Particularly sought after are antique yellow sapphire engagement rings, which offer a variety of beautiful sunshine hues. Reminiscent of  yellow diamonds in their colouration, these vintage and antique yellow sapphire rings would have been completely hand-cut and faceted, with their incredible colours prioritised, and showcased at their very best. 

The vintage yellow sapphire rings in our collection are completely natural and unenhanced, allowing for a depth of colour that their treated counterparts simply cannot obtain. Furthermore, this natural variation offers a wide array of hues, ensuring you can find the perfect one for you! 

Used as tokens of good luck, protection, and spirituality, antique yellow sapphire rings have accompanied us through time from the Roman period, to the Middle Ages. With an unmistakable energy and dazzling colour, it is easy to see how they came to symbolise such positive forces. Find other striking stones, including sentimental pink sapphire rings, online and at Berganza’s showroom in Hatton Garden, London.


A yellow sapphire is a member of the corundum family of gemstones. These include rubies, and sapphires in many different colours, most commonly, blue.They’re formed under intense heat and pressure beneath the earth’s surface, and their yellow colouration comes from the presence of a certain trace element: iron. The higher the concentration of iron, the richer the colour saturation will be, which is why canary yellow sapphires are considered the quintessential and most sought-after example of the stone.

Any yellow sapphire that is natural, with no enhancements is a rarity, as around 95% of coloured gemstones on today’s market are heat treated. Yellow sapphires with a high colour saturation - or the ‘deeper’ the colour - are the rarer forms of the stone. Untreated, deep yellow sapphire rings are therefore in high demand because of their rarity.

As value is directly related to rarity, all the sapphires in the Berganza collection have an inherent value, being natural and unenhanced. These yellow sapphires will retain, and even appreciate in value over time, unlike their treated counterparts. Another indicator of value is origin, with the most exceptional yellow sapphires hailing from the old mines of Ceylon, renowned for their fine quality, and colouration.

Yellow sapphires symbolise good luck, prosperity, wisdom, and protection. They are believed to absorb and exude positive energies because of their kinship with sunlight. This makes them popular gifts for loved ones and are often passed down as family heirlooms, and investment pieces. Because of the emergent popularity of yellow diamond rings in 2020, the comparatively more affordable yellow sapphire engagement rings were particularly en vogue for those planning proposals, and have been highly sought after ever since.

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