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Antique & Vintage Ruby Rings

rings set with rubies seen as token of love and devotion


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Antique & Vintage Ruby Rings

Rubies are one of the most valuable gemstones on earth, the word ‘ruby' is derived from the Latin "ruber" meaning red and symbolises eternal devotion and romantic love.
Worn as a solitaire or offset with diamonds as a three stone or cluster design, rubies are meant to be worn and enjoyed every day, as they possess superior hardness and durability.

Traditionally rubies are red, but can occur in many different shades from a lighter pink to a deep, dark red.
At Berganza, every ruby is natural and unenhanced, no treatments have been applied. Today colour intensity, optical phenomenon and even the colour hue can be altered and created by treatments. Natural unenhanced rubies are becoming increasingly rare.

Burma is the source of the world's finest rubies. Known for their pink-red through to a deeper blood red colour, the stones have a pure and highly saturated colour. The presence of the trace element chromium in their chemical makeup, means these rubies fluoresce in natural daylight, giving them the allure of glowing from within.

The Mogok region in Burma is the world's only known source of the sought-after ‘Pigeon's Blood' rubies. The colour is best described as a vivid velvety blood red with hints of blue undertones, extremely rare and strikingly beautiful.

Rubies can be fashioned en cabochon or faceted depending on their qualities. When certain silk-like inclusions are aligned in a particular manner, a rare phenomenon called ‘asterism' or ‘star ruby' occurs within the stone. These rubies display a shimmering optical star effect when light is reflected in a particular way onto the gemstone.

Today, very fine vintage and antique ruby engagement rings are fetching extraordinarily high prices and continue to ascend due to their increasing rarity and desirability.

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