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Fancy & Coloured Diamond Rings

Let us talk colours - specifically coloured diamonds and the beautiful yellow diamond rings. These natural coloured diamonds are very rare and unique. Diamonds such as these are valued for how much colour there is present compared to colourless diamonds that are valued for how much colour there is absent. It is important to mention that white diamonds belong in this category as well. White diamonds, not colourless. 

Yellow and brown are the most common colours while white diamonds are very rare followed by red, green, purple, orange, pink and blue. Most of these diamonds are coloured by impurities or structural defects within the chemical composition while white diamonds are different and the colour is down to the submicroscopic inclusions that scatter the light and give the white appearance. These inclusions are so small that traditional optical microscopes are not powerful enough to isolate them, so scientists often use electron microscopes to study them. This unique appearance can make the diamonds have an opalescent appearance that must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Since white is a neutral colour, there is no variation, the stone is either fancy white–or it isn’t. 

The remarkable rarity of natural fancy coloured diamonds has had scientists trying to replicate them for years. Many processes have been developed that can change the colour of a diamond to pinkblueyellow and almost everything in between. Of course, these “colour-treated” diamonds may look close to the natural colours, but they are always distinguishable and hold nowhere near the value of the natural colours they mimic. Remarkably, fancy white diamonds are the only fancy colour diamond with no known method or treatment to mimic their unique appearance. A fancy white lab-grown diamond has also never been observed.

At Berganza we have a wide range of fancy coloured diamond rings. From Art Deco diamond rings to Victorian rings, pay our showroom a visit and fall in love with a unique fancy diamond.


Yes, they are all a 10 on the Mohs hardness scale which is the highest value on the scale, regardless of their natural colouring.

Yes, it is possible for a diamond to break, but it is extremely hard to do so. However, only a diamond can scratch another diamond, so it is highly unlikely you will scratch a diamond ring or diamond earrings even with daily wear.

Just as easily and frequently as your other diamond jewellery - with lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush. This will get you very far and will easily remove grime or dust that might have attached itself to your diamond. We do also have an annual aftercare service, whereby we invite you to come in every year and one of our jewellery specialists will look over your jewellery and give it a professional clean. This is a complimentary service for life.

It is highly likely that your coloured diamond jewellery will appreciate in value. They are rare and even more so when set in antique jewellery. They just make the piece even more valuable and special, a true one of a kind.

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