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Whilst antique engagement rings come in a myriad of styles and designs, each one symbolises a cherished love and commitment. Originating in ancient times, and once known as betrothal rings, these are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand—a path believed to lead straight to the heart.

Explore their fascinating history as we delve into the exquisite craftsmanship of engagement rings, such as vintage diamond rings. Each of our pieces holds a unique romance and aesthetic. From intricate gold fede rings of the medieval era and the introduction of the antique diamond engagement ring, to Victorian and Edwardian rings featuring rare hand-cut diamonds and geometric Art Deco designs, no two rings are alike!

Maybe you dream of the timeless beauty of a solitaire, or the classic charm of a three stone ring. Perhaps you are seeking the elegance of a coronet cluster, but whatever your desire, we offer a variety of different engagement rings to commemorate this most special of occasions.

Immerse yourself in the world of rare gems with our offering of sapphire, emerald, and antique diamond rings and let their vibrant hues inject a personal touch to your love story. Alternatively, marvel at the evolution of diamond cuts throughout the ages, from the early point cut, through to the quintessentially Georgian rose cut, and the superior sparkle of old cut diamonds.

Our antique engagement rings feature only the finest of gems in the most unique styles, promising a lifetime of delight. Discover your perfect vintage engagement ring at Berganza, Hatton Garden.


A vintage engagement ring encompasses a plethora of designs from past eras. The unique qualities and character associated with vintage pieces make them highly popular - they can look incredibly dynamic and visually arresting.

There is a distinction between ‘vintage’ and ‘antique’ engagement rings. Usually, the phrase ‘vintage engagement rings’ refers to pieces that have been made within the past 100 years. Engagement rings that are older than 100 years are referred to as ‘antique.’ Here at Berganza, we specialise in both antique and vintage engagement rings, so we will always have a stunning ring to suit your taste. In fact, we have one of the largest collections of antique engagement rings in the world.

The fine level of craftsmanship and beauty that come with vintage engagement rings and antique engagement rings, with features such as striking coloured stones and decorative metalwork details, is something that is rarely seen in modern jewellery. Many people prefer to buy an antique or vintage engagement ring because of the unique artisanal talent from stonecutters and jewellery makers of the past. Usually, vintage engagement rings refer to rings that have been made within the past 100 years. Engagement rings that are older than 100 years are referred to as ‘antique.’ Here at Berganza, we specialise in both antique and vintage engagement rings, so we will always have a stunning ring to suit your taste. In fact, we have one of the largest collections of antique engagement rings in the world.

Choosing the right vintage engagement ring or antique engagement ring for your loved one can be challenging, but there are three main things for you to consider. Antique and vintage engagement rings can be an incredibly stunning choice for your partner, especially if they love the design and craftsmanship of historic jewellery pieces.

Firstly, decide on whether you want something from a particular era, or are open to inspiration. The custom of engagement rings can be traced back to the Roman era, but they didn’t become popular until the 1500s. In the 1500s, engagement rings started to symbolise love. The engagement ring industry would not properly take off until the 1800s however.

There are many eras that are very popular when it comes to engagement rings. For example, Art Deco engagement rings are incredibly popular because the artistic trends are very emblematic of the 1920s. However, Victorian and Edwardian engagement rings are also highly sought after because of their feminine and floral motifs. Here at Berganza, we have engagement rings from a plethora of eras, so you will always be able to find something you love with us.

Then, decide on the metal of the ring. Look at whether your loved one typically wears more gold or silver-coloured jewellery, then work from there. Our collection of vintage and antique engagement rings displays pieces that use a variety of both silver and gold, so we will have something for your loved one here.

Finally, consider the type of stone you would like: vintage and antique engagement rings tend to offer unique and striking stones, such as rare hand-cut diamonds and natural rubies, emeralds and sapphires, with many originating from world-renowned mines, ensuring you will have only the finest quality gems. Here at Berganza, we offer the finest engagement rings, ensuring that the featured stones are natural untreated stones without enhancements. We are committed to providing unparalleled service and the most stunning engagement rings from every period of history.

Visit our Knowledge Centre for more information on how to choose a vintage engagement ring.

There are mixed opinions about how much you should spend on an engagement ring, with some sources suggesting that you spend three months' salary on the ring, however we believe that the most important thing is choosing a ring that you know your partner will love. Money isn’t important when you’re choosing an engagement ring that will symbolise your love and commitment.

Although vintage and antique engagement rings can be expensive, our collection encompasses fine engagement rings with a variety of different prices. No matter your budget, we are sure we will be able to suggest the perfect engagement ring for you from our extensive collection.

There is much more to choosing an antique or vintage engagement ring than the price, so focus your time on finding something that you can picture your partner wearing and enjoying for the rest of their lives.

Explore our collection of engagement rings up to £5,000.

There isn’t one set way for an engagement ring to look, and here at Berganza, we believe that your engagement ring should represent you and your partner! Engagement rings have looked different throughout the ages. In the Roman era, women wore engagement rings made of ivory, flint, bone, copper, and iron. Gold engagement rings were found in the ruins of Pompeii, suggesting that engagement rings were made of yellow gold just as much as they are today. During the 1500s, gimmel engagement rings were incredibly fashionable, representing the connected love of marriage. Diamond engagement rings as we know them today were popularised in 1947, when De Beers popularised the phrase ‘a diamond is forever.’

There isn’t one specific look when it comes to engagement rings, so you should prioritise finding a ring that you adore! Although most people consider the diamond solitaire to be the traditional engagement ring of choice, any ring can be considered as an engagement ring! For example, many vintage engagement rings and antique engagement rings consist of multiple different stones. Jackie Kennedy’s iconic vintage engagement ring featured an emerald and a diamond, surrounded by many smaller diamonds and Marylin Monroe was presented with a baguette cut diamond eternity band as her engagement ring from Joe DiMaggio. Here at Berganza, our selection of engagement rings display a variety of different cuts, shapes, metals, gemstones and designs.

There are many different styles of antique and vintage engagement rings. Choosing the right style of engagement ring for you is incredibly important, as it represents you and your partner’s unique love and union. However, there are certain styles that are particularly popular.

Solitaire and coronet cluster engagement rings are two of the most popular styles. Solitaire rings feature a simple band with a single stone set on it, these can also feature stones, often diamonds, set either side of the central stone in a style known as a flanked solitaire. Coronet cluster rings, often called halo rings today, were particularly popular as engagement rings from the Georgian period onwards and consist of one stone encircled by a row of smaller stones.

However, you don’t need to choose a particular style of engagement ring just because it is popular. Any type of ring can make a beautiful engagement ring, so you should choose a style that you love.

You should choose a style of engagement ring that you love and that is personal to you as a couple, rather than what fashion dictates. This ensures that you will love your ring for decades to come, and with our wide collection of vintage and antique engagement rings, we have plenty to choose from.

We’ve dedicated an entire section of our Knowledge Centre to Engagement Rings, where you can find all kinds of information and inspiration.

Engagement rings have been a popular tradition between couples for over a thousand years. The earliest engagement rings can be traced back to Ancient Rome, and were thought to symbolise “mutual love and obedience." For thousands of years, engagement rings were only available to the nobility, such as royalty.

However, throughout the 1500s, gimmel rings became popular amongst all classes, to symbolise love and unification. Engagement rings were relatively uncommon until the Edwardian era, and became more popular during the 1920s Art Deco period. Diamond engagement rings exploded in popularity after the Second World War after a successful De Beers campaign.

Throughout the ages, engagement rings have symbolised love, devotion and commitment. It is thought that the circle of the engagement ring is meant to represent eternity, and the precious materials are meant to symbolise love and generosity. Finding the perfect engagement ring to symbolise your relationship can be difficult, but as long as you focus on selecting a ring that your partner will love, they will enjoy it for the rest of their lives! Here at Berganza, we have a wide range of stunning vintage and antique engagement rings, so you will be able to find the perfect choice for you and your partner.

Yes! No matter the ring, it can be used as an engagement ring. Engagement rings come in a lot of different shapes and sizes - there isn’t just one specific style of engagement ring. Engagement rings are meant to symbolise you and your partner’s love and commitment, and can be any style, metal, or design.

Here at Berganza, we have a wide range of antique and vintage engagement rings so you can choose the perfect ring for your partner. We are proud to say we have one of the largest collections of vintage and antique engagement rings in the world. Our collection of engagement rings display a range of styles, cuts and shapes, and any of our rings will make the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement rings can be traced in England back to the 15th Century, after stone cutting became more sophisticated. Engagement rings became a symbol of wealth and fidelity, and would be popular amongst the upper class for hundreds of years. 17th-century engagement rings feature many different types of gemstones and settings, and you can find many stunning rings from this period.

Engagement rings in England would remain popular throughout the 18th and 19th Century, particularly in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The Art Deco movement was also popular in 1920s England (we have a beautiful collection of 1920s engagement rings). However, engagement rings would explode into popularity after the Second World War, and have been extremely popular ever since. After the 1940s, engagement rings became more accessible to all people, and most couples seek out an engagement ring in the modern era.

Vintage and antique engagement rings are still popular in the modern era, as they display the unique craftsmanship of the past. Vintage engagement rings can be more unique and display more artisanal talent, making them incredibly popular no matter how many years later. If you’re looking for a stunning engagement ring from the past, please peruse our extensive collection of engagement rings today.

With a jewellery piece as special and romantic as an engagement ring, it’s important that you keep it clean to preserve its value. Regularly cleaning your engagement ring will ensure that it always looks beautiful on your finger, and preserves the symbol of love and commitment.

Engagement rings can be difficult to keep clean because they can often have intricate designs or small stones. If you want to clean your engagement ring, you should be very careful. Take care to thoroughly rinse your ring carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Rinse your engagement ring to ensure residue from the cleaning solution does not damage it. However, you don’t have to clean your engagement ring yourself!

One of the reasons why we’re renowned for our service and beautiful collection of engagement rings is our dedication to a 'service for life' approach. Here at Berganza, we are proud to offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your vintage or antique engagement ring can be taken care of properly.

We’ve also covered the topic of how to clean antique jewellery over on our Knowledge Centre.

Vintage engagement rings are incredibly popular because they display the finest craftsmanship and innovation from stonecutters of the past. Vintage and antique engagement rings were often made by hand, so they can be an incredibly unique choice for your partner. If your partner loves all things vintage, you should definitely consider buying an antique engagement ring.

We explored the history behind why diamonds are used for engagement rings in greater detail over in our Knowledge Centre.

Here at Berganza, we have one of the largest collections of vintage and antique engagement rings in the world. We specialise in finding the best and most beautiful engagement rings to represent every era in history. If you’re looking for a stunning piece to represent your love and commitment, you’ll be able to find something in our extensive collection. If one of our stunning engagement rings catches your eye, please contact us here online, or visit us at our Hatton Garden residence.

Pairing your cherished antique engagement ring with a wedding ring requires some thought. Firstly, you need to consider the order in which you wear your rings and this will depend on how keen you are to adhere to long-held conventions. Tradition dictates that the correct order is to wear your engagement ring first, followed by the wedding ring, and then the eternity ring. This tradition stems from the belief that the wedding ring should be closest to the heart.

When selecting a wedding ring to complement your antique engagement ring, consider the era and design of your jewellery. Vintage wedding bands often match well with antique rings, ensuring a harmonious sense of old-world charm. Pay close attention to the type of metal and gemstones to create a seamless look. While matching your metals - gold with gold, for example - makes sense, don’t be afraid to create a striking contrast by pairing gold with platinum or other precious metals.

Remember, the beauty of antique rings lies in their unique character, so don’t feel restricted by traditions or newer fashion trends. Create a pairing that you love! For more personalised advice, visit our in-store experts who specialise in vintage and antique jewellery pairings. You can also peruse our collection of antique wedding rings online.

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