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Antique and vintage diamond rings encompass a myriad of designs and have been a popular choice for centuries. Such rings have long been associated with eternal love, perhaps because diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones, a property which is central to their link with unending devotion. Interestingly, the word ‘diamond' is derived from the Ancient Greek ‘adamas' meaning everlasting or unbeatable!

The origins of vintage and antique diamond rings can be traced back to Ancient Roman times, when gold bands were occasionally set with a single uncut diamond crystal. Constantly improving technological advancements meant that diamond cuts continually evolved, from basic changes to the rough diamond crystal all the way through to a fully faceted diamond displaying supreme scintillation. 

During the Art Deco period, geometry was heavily featured in diamond cutting, as the emerald and baguette cuts were created, featuring sharp edges and bold shapes. 1920’s Art Deco diamond rings are exceptionally popular today, with the innovative designs still being desired a century later. In 1948 DeBeers first coined the slogan ‘A Diamond is Forever', cementing the diamond solitaire in its role as the quintessential choice for an engagement ring.

Vintage and antique diamond rings have appeared in a variety of different designs throughout history. Visit us in-store or browse our website to find the perfect vintage diamond ring for you.


Diamonds are extremely durable and hard, scoring the highest possible score of 10 on the Mohs scale, meaning you can wear them everyday. Vintage and antique diamond rings will have had the diamonds set in them for centuries, so being mindful of this is advised.

In order to prolong the life of your antique and vintage diamond rings, clean them regularly and avoid wearing them for any strenuous activity, such as sport, decorating or when using harsh chemicals!

The amount of money you spend on a diamond ring will depend completely on your budget and the quality of ring you are looking for. The value of the diamond itself is determined by looking at the cut, carat, colour and clarity of the gemstone, known as the four C’s, and depending on these factors, you could pay anywhere between £1,000 and £50,000 per carat for a diamond.

No matter your budget, it is important that you don’t overpay for your vintage and antique diamond rings, so go to a certified jeweller for a fair price and an authentic product. Some specific eras produced fantastic quality antique and vintage diamond rings that are in high demand, which increases the cost. Original 1920’s Art Deco diamond rings are still especially popular today, their rarity plus the craftsmanship and eloquent style that comes with this era can be reflected in the price.

The most accurate way to know whether a diamond is real is to go to a certified jeweller who is a diamond expert. Although, you can look into a diamond with a magnifying glass and look for imperfections that would indicate the diamond is real. Knowing exactly what these imperfections should look like is difficult unless you are well trained, so it is always best to visit a trusted certified jeweller.

With any diamond ring, although especially vintage and antique diamond rings, it is essential that you clean them often and with the right products. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive items could damage your ring, so taking time to do it carefully is important!

In a bowl, combine a mild soap with warm water and soak your diamond ring for 30 seconds. Take the ring out of the mixture and give it a gentle brush with a soft toothbrush to remove any build up of dust or grime. Rinse the ring really well and leave to dry completely. With antique and vintage diamond rings, you might need to repeat this process a few times to make your ring shine beautifully.

You should clean modern, vintage and antique diamond rings once every two weeks to prolong their life without causing damage. It is advisable to take your modern and vintage diamond rings to be cleaned professionally at least once a year, to check the settings are all intact and to preserve the beauty of your ring.

The best cut for a diamond ring will depend on your personal preference and also your budget. Old cut and old mine diamonds are regularly seen in vintage and antique diamond rings from the Edwardian Era. Geometric cuts such as the Asscher and emerald cuts were very popular in 1920s Art Deco diamond rings, as solitaire, three stone or more elaborate cluster designs.

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