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If you have a special occasion coming up, we have antique and vintage tiaras available to suit all tastes. The word 'tiara' derives from the Ancient Greek ‘τιάρα’, meaning ‘headdress of Persian kings’. This referred to the high-peaked headdresses of Persian kings, which were encircled by 'diadems' or bands of white and purple decoration. Whilst the term ‘tiara’ as know it today dates back to the 1550’s in English, it did not come to describe the bejewelled headwear of Western royalty until the 18th century. Now, it is used to describe almost every form of decorative head ornament, including vintage and antique tiaras.

Our specialist selection of antique and vintage tiaras includes exquisite creations from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras, each one completely original to the time period. Our antique tiaras are adorned with remarkable gemstones, including rare hand-cut diamonds, natural unenhanced rubies and sapphires of the finest quality, or rare natural pearls, displaying an exquisite lustre.

Jewellers also designed tiaras which could be converted and worn a number of ways, transforming into necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches and bracelets. Displaying astonishing skill and craftsmanship, these antique and vintage tiaras continue to delight today with the myriad of ways they can adorn. 


Each antique or vintage tiara occupies a different position on the head, with some tiaras sitting towards the back of the head, designed to adorn an updo hairstyle, whilst other antique and vintage tiaras are designed to follow the circumference of the head.

The traditional meaning of a crown is a circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch. In this sense, the main difference between a tiara and crown is that a crown is a full circle and is associated with more authority and a higher royal status, whereas a tiara covers just half of the head and is worn by royals with a lower status.

Antique and vintage tiaras often feature intricate handcrafted details, and therefore we would recommend having your tiara professionally cleaned. At Berganza, we offer an annual check and clean service with ever purchase, which is complimentary for life.

Whilst of course anyone can wear a crown, according to ancient tradition, the reigning monarch is the only person allowed to wear a crown. Other royals can wear smaller versions of a crown, known as coronets. Tiaras are traditionally only worn by married royal women or given to brides on their wedding day.

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