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Explore Diamond & Art Deco Sapphire Rings

Explore our exquisite collection of antique and vintage sapphire rings, each with its own timeless elegance, telling tales of romance and craftsmanship. With styles reminiscent of iconic pieces, such as Princess Diana's engagement ring, we are sure to have the perfect sapphire ring to celebrate any occasion! 

Our collection features an array of different designs, spanning many eras.  From Medieval sapphire solitaires with over 500 years of history and Victorian five stones, through to bold vintage sapphire rings of the 1950s, whether you are looking for a rare sapphire ring to add to your treasured collection or for a unique ring to gift to a loved one, the choice is endless.

Immerse yourself in the alluring contrast of sapphires and diamonds, a mesmerising aesthetic that is a time-proven classic. Our collection of vintage sapphire rings have all been skilfully handcrafted to showcase the vivid colours of each natural sapphire and the dazzling sparkle of the diamonds.

Looking for a unique sapphire engagement ring to commemorate your love? Our captivating selection of one-of-a-kind antique sapphire rings is sure to enthral. We offer a variety of engagement rings from yesteryear; Art Deco sapphire engagement rings lovingly selected for their distinctive character, Edwardian cluster rings with sparkling diamond detail and beautiful blue sapphire solitaires that stand alone, offering a colourful statement of commitment.

Browse our ever-expanding collection and find the perfect antique sapphire ring to add to your jewellery box. Whether you're seeking the distinctive charm of a royal blue sapphire or the mesmerising cornflower hue, explore exquisitely unique sapphire rings at Berganza.


Sapphires have many different purposes. They are very hard stones, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale, making them an ideal choice for everyday wear as well as special occasions thanks to their striking beauty. Sapphires are regularly used on rings as a result of their durability, with diamond sapphire rings increasing in popularity following Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s engagement. Her beautiful vintage sapphire ring became a major point of interest and increased demand for the style. The striking appearance of Art Deco sapphire rings make this era especially popular, bringing antique sapphire rings into the spotlight. Although sapphires are used on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches, there is something exceptionally special about the deep blue centrepiece seen on antique sapphire rings that makes them especially popular.

The value of sapphires differs greatly depending on the colour, and also the presence of flaws or inclusions which in small amounts indicates that the stone is natural. The most valuable sapphires will have a strong colour that is highly saturated. The most valuable vintage and antique sapphire rings can be valued well into the hundreds of thousands, with some of the rarest pieces being worth millions. Sapphires are usually worth around £450 to £1500 per carat, although of course, the price will increase to have the gemstone set which is time consuming when done properly. This is one reason why antique and vintage sapphire rings are so valuable. Diamond sapphire rings are a popular choice, so the price would increase with the addition of the diamonds. The craftsmanship seen in antique and vintage sapphire rings is exceptional, with Art Deco sapphire rings being particularly stunning. The level of craftsmanship will also have an influence on how much pieces of sapphire jewellery are worth.

Lab created sapphires are made in a laboratory which simulates the environment that natural sapphires are formed in. An extremely hot and high pressure environment is created using machinery that enables sapphires to be formed in as little as a few days, whereas natural sapphires take millions of years to form! The advantage of vintage and antique sapphire rings is that they are likely to be natural as the machinery used for lab created sapphires was not widely used until the 1970’s. Yet, it is always advisable to go to a certified jeweller to be sure.

Sapphires are most commonly blue gemstones, although they can actually come in a range of different colours! Blue, pink, green, purple and orange sapphires can be found in a range of different shades, with the most vibrant stones being the more valuable. The rarest colour of sapphire is a beautiful deep orange colour, though it is not regularly seen. The most expensive sapphire colour is pure blue, and vintage and antique sapphire rings most commonly feature blue sapphires, especially Art Deco sapphire rings in which the blue sapphire was a firm favourite.

Alongside diamonds, rubies and emeralds, sapphires are indeed precious stones! These are the only four gemstones that are considered as precious, with many others being semi-precious. The beauty, rarity, durability and hardness of a gemstone indicates whether it is a precious stone or not, making these four gemstones the most valuable and desirable. This is why vintage and antique sapphire rings are especially popular, as they are not only beautiful but they will last a lifetime. It is for this reason that so many beautiful Art Deco sapphire rings are still circulating, as well as those from centuries earlier.

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