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Thursday 21st May 2020

As we enter the final month of spring, nature has come into full bloom, making each day more beautiful than the last. Flora and foliage have long been used as inspiration for jewellery, and at Berganza we are lucky to have fine examples of these pieces from across the ages.

The ancient Egyptians were known to use symbols of the lotus flower in the jewellery they wore, whilst many ancient Greek designs incorporated fruits, such as dates and pomegranates, and the acanthus leaf, a motif which was later also adopted by the Romans.

However, it was from the Georgian period onward where we see the theme of nature used more prominently. From striking diamond brooches and corsages featuring sprays of flowers, to the increasingly popular coronet cluster rings, floral symbolism appears in many pieces.

The Victorians were also known for their use of natural motifs, and floriography became very popular in this era. Their use of flora to send a hidden message allowed for an array of flowers to be crafted in jewellery, from forget-me-nots to roses, each flower held its own special meaning. Wedding bands were often engraved with ivy leaves which symbolise eternity and fildelity.

The theme of nature has provided inspiration to many designers over the course of history. From Tiffany & Co.’s enameled orchids which were first showcased at the 1889 Paris Exposition, to Oscar Heyman’s jewelled pansies that they created throughout the twentieth century, nature has become one of the most enduring design elements in the history of jewellery.

Get ready for summer with a piece of jewellery inspired by the natural world. Whether you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, or looking to treat yourself to something special, our entire collection is available to view online or by booking a zoom appointment through our website.

Vintage Diamond Leaf Shape Earrings berganza hatton garden
Diamond Leaf Shape Earrings, circa 1940.
Ref: 24742
Fancy diamond flower ring Oscar Heyman berganza hatton garden
Fancy colour diamond flower ring by Oscar Heyman Bros, American, circa 1980.
Ref: 25558
Victorian diamond and gemstone bracelet berganza hatton garden
Victorian diamond and gemstone bracelet, English, circa 1890.
Ref: 25127
Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy ring berganza hatton garden
Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy ring, American, circa 1940s.
Ref: 25559
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