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Used to seal important documents and show status


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The history of signet or seal rings is lengthy and illustrious, dating back to 1400 BC when ancient signet rings were first worn by the Mesopotamian and ancient Egyptian civilisations. Throughout history, antique and vintage signet rings were often decorative and beautiful, however they were also highly functional items which played an important administrative role within society. By pressing the signet ring into hot wax or soft clay, a distinctive impression would be left that then functioned as an official seal or ‘signature'.

In ancient Egypt, pharaohs and nobles used distinctive antique signet rings made of hardstone or a blue pottery called faience. In the Middle Ages, antique signet rings were used by wealthy, powerful individuals to sign and seal their letters, proving that they were indeed authentic documents whilst preventing forgeries and tampering.

Thanks to a growing merchant class, antique signet rings became a form of branding during the Renaissance. As European merchants took to the Silk Road and began transporting goods overseas, they used signet rings to stamp seals on their shipments, making it easier to identify goods on arrival.

By the Victorian era and continuing through to today, signet rings have become a staple of the well-dressed gentlemen. Vintage gold signet rings are especially popular. We are privileged to be able to offer an outstanding collection of these very special antique and vintage signet rings which can be prized, appreciated and worn today.


Signet rings have been a fashionable and practical piece of jewellery for thousands of years. Wealthy and important people used signet rings as a status symbol, which was also used as a unique signature. They often have an engraving on them to indicate their initials, rank, organisation or family emblem.

Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the pinky finger as it was separated from other ring fingers. However, today there are no right or wrong ways to wear a signet ring. Many people now wear them on their middle finger as a statement ring.

There are many different types of signet rings so it can be difficult to put a definitive price bracket on them. There are a variety of different materials that are used to make signet rings which all have differing values.

Signet rings can be worn on either hand in today's society as it is used more of a style piece, rather than a tool. Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the left pinky finger so that they could be used for marking signatures.

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