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Our collection of vintage 1920’s rings feature an array of rare and desirable pieces from one of the most significant and influential jewellery eras of all time. From breathtaking 1920’s vintage diamond engagement rings to striking gem-set pieces, Art Deco diamond rings are truly exceptional!

As society changed, so too did the style of jewellery, with bold and colourful pieces surpassing the floral and feminine design periods of Edwardian and Art Nouveau style rings and jewellery. The 1920s were all about embracing new technology, growth, and change, which is strongly reflected in these vintage rings. Geometry and sharp lines were abundant, and many new cuts became fashionable, including the emerald-cut, Asscher cut, step cut, and baguette cut, which helped to create a bold and cutting-edge look! During this time, coloured diamond rings were also a popular, reflecting the era's vibrant and avant-garde spirit.

1920s vintage engagement rings are exquisite and are easily recognisable through their strong and striking shapes. Platinum was especially popular for engagement rings, particularly when set with diamonds to provide the icy white look that was so fashionable! Visit our showroom to explore our collection of 1920s rings, featuring both vintage engagement rings, cocktail rings as well as cameo rings for men.


Old fashioned vintage engagement rings from the 1920s were strongly influenced by advancements in technology and an increasing desire for strong geometric designs. This resulted in a cutting-edge style, featuring bold new cuts of gemstone and the more regular use of platinum as the preferred metal. Bright, bold gemstones were flanked by smaller diamonds, and other gemstones when creating vintage engagement rings, with three stone and cluster designs becoming exceptionally popular. Platinum was the preferred metal for 1920s rings, largely due to its strength, and icy white colour. Furthermore, the intricate metalwork details seen in 1920s vintage engagement rings were only possible because of platinum and its hardness. This has also contributed to the longevity of these rings, allowing them to remain in immaculate condition a century on!

The method of cleaning your vintage 1920s ring will largely depend on the type of ring. The safest way to clean any ring is to use a soft cloth and gently clean the surface of the ring to remove fingerprints or dust. For 1920s vintage engagement rings with diamonds, gemstones and an open back setting, combine warm water and mild soap in a bowl. Take a soft toothbrush to clean the ring, making sure to clean behind the setting. Rinse the ring well and pat dry with a paper towel. To keep your ring in immaculate condition, take your vintage 1920s ring to be cleaned professionally. This will also give your jeweller the opportunity to conduct a thorough check of the ring. We offer an annual aftercare service at Berganza, which is complimentary for life.

Bright, bold and colourful gemstones were extremely popular for vintage 1920s rings, particularly sapphire, opal, ruby, emerald, aquamarine and amethyst. 1920s rings also often feature diamonds, used to contrast against the brightly coloured gemstones.

The best place to keep your 1920s rings when they’re not being worn is in a secure safe. Ensure that the rings are put away in their boxes, or in a soft pouch, to ensure they stay protected and in fine condition. For vintage engagement rings, we would recommend removing them for certain activities, such as when doing heavy housework or DIY, when you’re at the gym, or when swimming in the sea.

The best place to purchase a vintage 1920s ring is from a certified antique and vintage jeweller. A certified jeweller will provide a valuation for insurance for each piece, which will include all of the details about the ring.

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