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The palette of spring

The palette of spring

The palette of spring

By Gitte Mortensen                                                                                                                                                               

Spring: A season most of us look forward to with great anticipation. The weather is slowly getting warmer, the days longer, and flowers are in bloom. Let us celebrate the start of this season by getting inspired by some of our more unusual coloured gemstones, reminiscent of the spring days to come!

The first gem on our spring palette is coral, a precious organic gem said to provide happiness to the wearer. Gem quality coral is typically classified by its hues, such as white, angel skin, salmon and oxblood. Of all its hues, one of the most desirable is angel skin coral, a lighter pink which can be found in the seas around Japan, Taiwan and Hawaii. Due to fishing restrictions, angel skin coral is hard to find today, and is so rare, that a strand of perfectly matched beads, can sometimes take decades to collect! 

As the colour of hope and new beginnings, green is often associated with the renewal of plants and flowers following winter and is showcased wonderfully in the lush green world of jade. This particular gem dates to before 6000 B.C. and has been regarded historically as possessing mystical powers to ward off evil and was considered by many as a symbol for longevity, wisdom and purity. Like many other gemstones jade can come in an array of colours including lavender, red, orange, yellow, white, black, and of course, green. Lavender jade, with its pale purple hue, is the second most valuable jade surpassed only by the green imperial jade.

But why settle for just one colour? This ring and earrings from the whimsical Oscar Heyman Brothers ‘Pansy’ collection features a bedazzling array of gems, from amethysts and pink tourmalines to yellow diamonds – a perfect springtime look, and of course, what would Spring be without flowers? Did you know that the pansy flower is supposed to represent thoughts between lovers before a word is spoken? Named for the French word for ‘pensee’ (thought), the pansy was said to be a charmed flower.

Visit Berganza's showroom in Hatton Garden, for a closer look at our antique and vintage jewellery collection which at this very moment is in full bloom! From bright yellows, oranges and pinks, to uplifting peaches and lilacs, wear spring as a fashion statement, and add some panache to your wardrobe; I dare you to show off your true (spring) colours!

Gem set flower vase brooch berganza hatton garden
Gem set flower vase brooch, circa 1935.
Ref: 25403
Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy ring, American, circa 1940s.
Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy ring, American, circa 1940s.
Ref: 25559
Oscar Heyman Brothers earrings berganza hatton garden
Oscar Heyman Brothers pansy earrings, American, circa 1960.
Ref: 25560
Natural Lavender jadeite jade bead necklace hatton garden
Natural lavender jade bead necklace with diamond set clasp, circa 1950.
Ref: 25530
Jade and diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Jade and diamond ring, circa 1950.
Ref: 15674
Art Deco jade and onyx pendant berganza hatton garden
Art Deco jade and onyx pendant, circa 1925.
Ref: 24785
Fluted coral and gold necklace, French, circa 1970.
Fluted coral and gold necklace, French, circa 1970.
Ref: 26016
Coral and diamond cluster ring berganza hatton garden
Coral and diamond cluster ring, circa 1920.
Ref: 18961
Angel skin coral diamond bracelet berganza hatton garden
Angel skin coral and diamond bracelet, Italian, circa 1970.
Ref: 25232
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