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The Beauty of Aquamarines

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Aquamarine and diamond pendant hatton garden
Aquamarine and diamond pendant, English, circa 1910.
Ref: 25134

The beauty of the aquamarine has been cleverly captured in one sentence by Pliny the Elder, the Ancient Roman naturalist, who wrote ‘there is not a colour more pleasing to the eye’. The earliest references of the gem dates back to at least 3000 years in Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Sumerian writings.

Though confined within the blue and green spectrum determined by the iron component in its structure, the gem offers a multitude of nuances as a beautiful reminder of the calming colours of oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water around the world. The name Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words: “Aqua” meaning water and marina, meaning “of the sea”.

Part of the Beryl family (of which Emerald is the most valuable member), the soothing coloured stone has an exquisite transparency and clarity with a hardness of 7.5-8 on Mohs’ scale, making the gem perfect to be set in many different ways.

The symbolic importance of aquamarine has varied throughout the centuries. It has often been attributed special properties and associated with myths and legends. Indeed, the Greeks and ancient Romans believed it would protect the sailors at sea during storms as well as from any other danger, such as the irresistible charm of mermaids, encountered during their voyage. Modern seamen have also subscribed to this ancient belief. During World War II the US navy christened a patrol boat the ‘USS Aquamarine’.

In Medieval times, the gem was gifted and worn to reawaken love lost between married couples. It was considered by Royalty throughout Europe in 1377 as an antidote to poison. The royal fashion was to wear the gem set in a ring or a pendant. In many different cultures, including ancient empires such as Egyptian and Sumerian, the gemstone was regarded as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. Today, the gem is associated with trust, harmony, friendship and positive feelings.

With all that being said, whether you are about to become a pirate at sea, or, are keen to rekindle languishing love within your relationship, or just simply want to purchase a beautiful piece of aquamarine jewellery, please visit us in store or view our collection online to see all our exquisite antique and vintage aquamarine set pieces.

Aquamarine and diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Aquamarine and diamond ring, circa 1920.
Ref: 14859
art deco aquamarine diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Art Deco aquamarine and diamond cluster ring, English, circa 1935.
Ref: 23420
Art Deco solitaire aquamarine ring berganza hatton garden
Art Deco solitaire aquamarine ring, circa 1930.
Ref: 25155
front view antique diamond aquamarine ring berganza hatton garden
Aquamarine, diamond and synthetic ruby cocktail ring, circa 1945.
Ref: 17607
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