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Antique & Vintage Marquise Rings

The Marquise cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond shapes in the world, with a fascinating history. Vintage marquise rings are some of the most popular types of betrothal jewellery, and their unique shape and beauty has been fascinating fans of jewellery since the 18th Century.

Vintage Marquise rings have one of the most interesting origin stories in vintage jewellery. They were commissioned by King Louis XV of France, who asked a jeweller to create something original for his mistress. The infamous Madame de Pompadour was the King’s official mistress, recognised in the French court of Versailles from 1745 to 1751. She was one of the most influential favourites in Versailles, and was a highly powerful figure until her death. The unique shape of antique Marquise rings are said to replicate the shape of her lips. Vintage Marquise engagement rings get their name from her title at Court - ‘the Marquise de Pompadour.’ 

Timeless, elegant, and classic, vintage Marquise rings have a very unique look. The shape of Marquise diamonds often look like an elongated diamond, taking on an oval shape. Vintage Marquise rings are also sometimes referred to as ‘Navette’ rings. Translated from French, this means ‘little ship.’ 

Because vintage Marquise rings were invented out of love, they have been a very popular choice for engagement rings. Vintage Marquise engagement rings have been the choice for many celebrities. Most famously, Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring was a stunning Marquise cut diamond, set on a gold band. Other celebrities that have chosen vintage Marquise engagement rings include Catherina Zeta Jones and Christina Milian. 

Antique Marquise rings are a perfect choice if you want to wear a diamond that accentuates a diamond’s cut and clarity. The inner beauty of the shape allows the stone to show its natural beauty, and display the stunning craftsmanship of historical jewellers and stone cutters. If you want an engagement ring that looks incredibly beautiful, you should definitely consider a vintage Marquise engagement ring. 

At Berganza, we are committed to curating the finest vintage jewellery - we are proud to say we have one of the largest collections of antique jewellery in the world. If you want a stunning vintage engagement ring or even a Marquise wedding ring, please take a look at our collection, and get in touch with us online or at our showroom at the heart of Hatton Garden. 


Vintage Marquise rings have one of the most infamous origin stories in the world. King Louis XV of France, who asked a jeweller to create something original for his mistress, the Madame du Pompadour. The shape of vintage Marquise rings are said to mimic the shape of her lips. They were unveiled in the 1700s by a jeweller commissioned by the King, and were created out of love. For this reason, vintage Marquise engagement rings are some of the most popular on the market.

The shape of the vintage Marquise ring emulates the lips of Madame du Pompadour, the lover of the King of France. For this reason, the vintage Marquise engagement ring is very popular, as it symbolises intense love and adoration. They are believed to symbolise regality and glamour, and are one of the most visually stunning diamond shapes available on the market.

Vintage Marquise rings have always been popular, since they were first unveiled in the 18th Century. However, like any other jewellery style, it has had its periods of higher popularity. Vintage Marquise engagement rings were very popular during the Victorian era, as the shape of the diamond looked amazing in floral shapes. It was also somewhat popular during the Art Deco period, and vintage Marquise rings experienced another resurgence in popularity during the 1970s. Even today, vintage Marquise rings are a popular and elegant jewellery choice.

Vintage Marquise rings are very rare, and are usually classed as a fancy cut diamond. Vintage Marquise rings are seen much more rarely than most other diamond cuts due to the high degree of weight loss when cutting the crystal into this shape, often losing more than 50% of the diamond crystal. Their distinctive look and rarity makes vintage Marquise engagement rings a popular choice, as they are incredibly unique.

Vintage Marquise rings were allegedly invented as a love token, from the King of France to his lover, Jeanne Antoinette Poisson. Her title at court, the ‘Marquise de Pompadour’ is where vintage Marquise rings get their name. This origin story, their unique beauty and rarity means that vintage Marquise engagement rings are some of the most popular engagement rings. If any of our vintage Marquise engagement rings catches your attention, please get in touch with us online or visit us in person at our Hatton Garden showroom.

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