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Antique Pink Sapphire Rings

Pink sapphire rings sit within the corundum family, alongside the more well known blue sapphire, and evoke a sentimentality that has made them highly sought after in antique jewellery. They’re not the only natural gemstones that defy their assumed colours - you can also find natural yellow diamond rings and even yellow sapphire rings

Ranging from pale blushes to deep magenta, it’s easy to see how pink sapphire engagement rings have become so popular. Representing compassion, elegance, and love, they encapsulate the softness and sincerity of a proposal. 

The antique pink sapphire rings in our collection are all naturally coloured - no enhancements or treatments have been applied to alter their hue. Their colouring and saturation is dependent on the levels of chromium present in the ground - the more of this element they receive, the pinker they become. Hand-cut and faceted to best enliven their colour, there are a multitude of different designs and shades that may suit you.

Find antique engagement rings, vintage jewellery, fancy sapphire rings as well as antique yellow sapphire engagement rings in intricate designs, cuts, and shapes online and at Berganza’s showroom in Hatton Garden, London.


Pink sapphires can be both found naturally in the earth or be manufactured inorganically in a lab. However, at Berganza we only invest in the finest quality pink sapphires, those that are natural and unenhanced, which have a beautiful depth of colour that cannot be attained through treatments.

Yes, pink sapphires are rare, especially when they are natural with no enhancements. It can be difficult in the modern market to find untreated coloured stones, making those in our collection that much more remarkable. An unusual stone that occurs through the presence and balance of different trace elements, if corundum is exposed to high concentrations of chromium, the stone turns a deep red and forms a ruby. If the chromium concentration is present at a lower level, it forms a beautiful pink.

The finest pink sapphires historically come from the old mines of Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and Burma (Myanmar), and today also hail from Madagascar, and other countries in East Africa.

Most notably, pink sapphire rings represent love, compassion, sincerity, and elegance. Their unmistakable feminine aura makes them perfectly wearable for any who appreciate the natural blushes of nature.

Every precious stone sourced by any reputable jeweller - including the vast collection at Berganza - will often be issued with its own gemstone report and valuation for insurance.

Pink sapphires do sparkle, so your ring is bound to catch and glint beautifully in the sunlight. The ‘strength’ of the sparkle depends on the quality of the cut, and naturally we are proud to offer some of the highest quality hand-cut and faceted stones.

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