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Rare and Unusual Snake Rings & Jewellery

The motif of the snake ring boasts a rich historical lineage, stretching back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, serpents embodied concepts of eternity and rejuvenation, whereas in ancient Greece and Rome, they held associations with deities and served as emblems of safeguarding, knowledge, and curative powers.

The Victorian era witnessed a revival of interest in the snake motif, notably propelled by Queen Victoria's engagement ring in 1840. Gifted to her by Prince Albert, the emerald ring utilised her birthstone and featured a serpent design. Consequently, the Victorians intertwined the meaning of the snake ring to be a symbol of enduring love and eternity. 

The late 19th-century Art Nouveau movement further left its imprint on snake ring designs, introducing organic and flowing shapes. The timeless allure of snake rings emanates from their symbolic resonance spanning diverse cultures and epochs. Today, the artistic design possibilities of a snake ring has made them a popular motif and muse for high-end designers, who encorporated them into their signed rings.


In different eras and cultures, the snake motif has symbolised many things such as eternal love, transformation, protection, wisdom and healing. In Greek mythology, it is the symbol of the god of medicine, Asclepius, whose insignia is still recognisable in modern day as the staff wrapped in a snake.

Snake jewellery can feature a myriad of different gemstones. A popular design choice in snake jewellery is the use of gemstones for the facial features, such as the eyes.

While the Victorian period represents a significant peak in the popularity of snake jewellery, the motif has endured and remains a timeless and recurring theme in modern jewellery design.

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