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Vintage Square Cut Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewellery

Square cut diamonds have been one of the most popular diamond shapes throughout history, ever since they first emerged during the 14th Century. When humans started to polish gemstones, they only had the tools to create round shapes such as cabochons. However, when the technology was invented in order to create square cut diamond jewellery pieces, they would become extremely popular. Square cut diamonds are beautiful when displayed as the focal part of a jewellery piece, and also as part of a larger design. Vintage square engagement rings and jewellery display the innovative thought and ingenuity of historical stonecutters. 

It is thought amongst jewellery historians that the square cut diamond was invented in the 14th Century, as they wanted to optimise the rough diamond crystals that were difficult to form. This early square cut diamond shape was known as the Table cut, and while it was popular circa it’s invention, experienced a large revival during the Tudor era. Many of our square cut diamond jewellery pieces are from this period, and many of our vintage square engagement rings would be worn during the reigns of Henry VII, all the way through to Queen Elizabeth I.

As history progressed, other styles of square cut diamond would have their era of immense popularity. French cut diamond rings, which derived from both the point cut and the table cut, would also be popular over hundreds of years. Square cut diamond shapes have always had a following since they were invented in the 1300s, due to their immense shine and sophistication. Square cut diamonds are vibrant and dynamic, making vintage square engagement rings a popular choice for many couples. 

One of the periods in which square cut diamonds were most popular was during the 1920s. During the 1920s, society wanted a break away from the floral and flowing artistic motifs of the Edwardian period, which was viewed as too traditional during this period. The artists, flappers, movie actresses and socialites wanted something new and different, and thus, the art deco movement was born. Art Deco engagement rings and jewellery often have clean lines and geometric gemstone shapes, resulting in square cut diamonds receiving a huge surge of popularity. The modern and chic look of square cut diamond jewellery represented political and societal change, and the reign of a new era. Vintage square engagement rings from the Art Deco period remain popular even today, as their modern allure still resonates 100 years later. 

Since the 1920s, square cut diamonds have experienced technological developments and garnered new interest. The square modified brilliant cut, otherwise known as the ‘Princess cut’ was invented in the 1980s by Betazel Ambar, Ygal Perlman, and Israel Itzkowitz. Princess square cut diamond rings have become one of the most popular choices for people looking for vintage square engagement rings, due to their elegance and prestige. 

Square cut diamond jewellery has a long history of opulence and popularity, firmly securing their place as some of the most popular diamond styles of all time. If any of our vintage square engagement rings, brooches, bracelets, pendants or earrings catch your eye, please be in touch with us at Berganza. You can contact us here online, or you can visit us in person, at our Hatton Garden showroom.


It is thought that the square cut diamond was invented in the 14th Century, when stonecutting tools were invented allowing diamond craftsmen to create diamonds in different, more geometric shapes. When the technology was invented to create square cut diamonds, they became very popular, particularly in the Tudor era. During this period, square cut diamonds were referred to as table cut, and would later evolve into point cut and French cut. French cut was particularly popular during the 1920s, as geometric shapes suited the Art Deco aesthetic of the time perfectly. Princess diamonds were invented in the 1980s, and have ensured that square cut diamonds have always stayed relevant and popular. If you’re looking for a vintage square engagement ring, here at Berganza, we have selections from a myriad of different eras.

When you compare square cut diamonds to round diamonds carat for carat, you get more value for money if you buy a square cut diamond. They often look bigger for the same carat size, meaning you can get a larger diamond for less money. However, vintage square engagement rings are very valuable, especially if they’re from the art deco period due to their unique beauty and shine. Vintage square engagement rings can offer you a lot of value for money.

Square cut diamond jewellery has a very positive reputation for being able to trick the eye, and often looking bigger in size. When you compare square cut diamonds to round diamonds carat by carat, square cut diamonds often look bigger for the same carat weight. Vintage square engagement rings look incredibly dynamic and striking, allowing you to buy a stunning diamond for less in comparison to other stone shapes. If you’re looking for a large and bright diamond, consider shopping for square cut diamonds.

Vintage square engagement rings are for those who love chic jewellery that combines stunning beauty and dynamic edge. The most popular type of vintage square engagement ring are Princess cut diamonds, and they are renowned for being a token of love. Square cut diamonds are designed to stand out with their striking shape and immense sparkle and asterism. Vintage square cut engagement rings are a popular choice for women who like to look incredibly chic, and stand out from the crowd.

It’s important to preserve your vintage jewellery, such as a vintage square engagement ring. Cleaning your ring correctly is a great way to keep them looking beautiful while also ensuring they keep their value. Take care to thoroughly rinse your ring carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. It’s important to keep your vintage square engagement rings clean. The stones are extremely precious, so make sure you are being incredibly careful around them. If you want your vintage square cut diamond jewellery to be cleaned properly, you should consider looking for professional cleaning services. Here at Berganza, we are proud to offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your vintage square engagement ring can be taken care of properly.

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