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Discover Our Collection of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion shape rings are some of the most popular choices when it comes to vintage engagement rings. Almost exclusively found in antique jewellery that was created over 100 years ago, cushion shape rings are incredibly beautiful. Cushion shape rings put the incredible skills of artisan stonecutters of the past on display, as they would have been cut by hand and by candlelight. 

Every single cushion shape ring is cut to consider the natural beauty of the diamond, displaying the inner fire, asterism and shine incredibly beautifully. In modern diamond shaping, diamonds are cut to retain as much carat weight as possible. However, in the past before carat was invented, cushion cut diamond rings were made with the diamond quality at the forefront. 

The brilliant thing about cushion shape rings is that no two are the same. These diamonds were created through labour intensive work, sheer skill, and perseverance. When you choose to buy a cushion cut engagement ring, you are choosing a unique slice of expert craftsmanship, unlike anything else in human history. 

One of the earliest forms of cushion shape rings can be found in the form of the old mine cut diamond. If you see an old mine cushion shape ring, you can be almost certain that it originates from the oldest diamond mines in Brazil or India. Cushion shape rings and other cushion diamond jewellery has been incredibly popular throughout a myriad of different eras. Our expansive collection of cushion shape rings and jewellery spans several centuries, and displays the finest examples of the jewellery style created throughout history. 

Cushion shape rings have been incredibly popular for centuries, but especially as engagement rings. Some of the most famous wearers of antique cushion cut diamond rings include Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Kelly Rowland, Chrissy Teigen and Gabrielle Union. The stunning ‘one of a kind’ cut of cushion shape rings makes them perfect as betrothal jewellery. 

Cushion shape rings and diamond jewellery display the stunning craftsmanship of the master stonecutters in history. If any of our stunning cushion shape rings catch your eye, please get in touch with us here online, or visit us at our showroom at the heart of Hatton Garden. 


Cushion shape rings and diamonds refer to an antique style of cutting gemstones. They are usually square in shape, and historically, were cut by hand. This means that no two cushion shape rings are the same. Even though cushion shape diamonds and gemstones are still popular today, they are still thought of as an antique style. Due to their originality, cushion shape rings have been popular for centuries.

Cushion shape rings are some of the most popular ring choices for women, especially as engagement rings. When it comes to vintage and antique cushion cut diamond rings, no two are the same, as they were cut by hand. This makes them a perfect choice for an engagement ring, as they are incredibly unique and tend to be a very romantic piece of jewellery. Cushion shape rings have been popular for centuries, and are still popular even today.

Cushion shape diamonds are usually less expensive per carat, due to the design. However, cushion shaped rings are still very valuable, especially antique cushion cut engagement rings. This is because they are hand-carved, making them incredibly elegant and unique. Cushion shape rings are a true classic, and with high levels of brilliance and fire, they are incredibly popular and valuable.

The most classic style of cushion shape ring is an old mine cut ring, the classic style represents less than 1% of all cushion shape diamonds. Because they are often hand carved, no two look alike. In the modern era, most gemstones are cut identical to one another, making cushion shape rings very rare.

Cushion shape rings are usually very popular as engagement rings. This is because no two are the same, and each one is unique. This means if you have a cushion shape ring as engagement jewellery, it will be completely unique to you - no one will have the same one. This is a highly romantic concept for many couples, allowing vintage cushion shape rings to dominate the engagement ring market. If you’re looking for a beautiful cushion engagement ring, please peruse our extensive collection of vintage and antique jewellery.

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