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Natural diamonds crystallise in various forms. The octahedral and dodecahedral forms are the most common natural diamond formations. The "point cut" is the polishing of a natural octahedral diamond. The natural diamond has been worn on jewellery for thousands of years - before diamond cutting, point cut diamond rings were incredibly popular. They are a representation of artisan jewellery making, long before the technical age. These natural gemstones have been given the name' point cut', even though there was no cutting involved, only polishing. Our selection of point cut diamond rings truly displays the artistry of jewellery makers from the past. 

The point cut was the only way to polish stones until the 14th Century. Developed in India, point cut diamonds were created by a technique which would create facets in a pyramid shape, making the diamond shine and sparkle. Point cut diamond rings were produced because the stone cutters of the time realised that only diamonds could cut diamonds. They used this knowledge to polish and smooth natural diamonds in order to create beautiful jewellery. Point cut diamond rings are some of history's most iconic jewellery pieces. 

When past artisans were creating point cut diamond rings, they tried to change the stone as little as possible. They wanted their creation to look as natural as possible. In the past, ancient people believed that diamonds had mystical qualities. They believed that changing the stone too much would dilute the diamond's magical powers. Over time, jewellery artisans started to make point cut diamond rings more suited to the taste of the time. 

Point cut diamond rings are a genuinely influential piece of jewellery! The point cut diamond ring may have started the tradition of giving engagement rings. Mary of Burgundy, a noble of the house of Valois-Burgundy, became the first to receive a diamond engagement ring. Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented her with a point cut diamond ring in 1477 during their betrothal.

Even though point cut diamond rings have more primitive shapes and irregular surfaces, they possess a rare, ethereal beauty. Their raw look, mystery, and deep history make them a favourite amongst vintage and antique jewellery collectors. Our selection of point cut diamond rings displays how artisans of the past were truly dedicated to their craft. If any of our stunning antique point cut diamond rings interest you, please be in touch here online, or visit us at our Hatton Garden showroom


Point cut diamond rings are very popular amongst vintage jewellery enthusiasts due to their longevity and provenance. A point cut diamond ring has been polished from a natural octahedral form diamond. Even though no actual cutting has been involved, like modern stone cuts, it is still given the name' point cut.' Point cut diamonds have been around for centuries, since ancient times. Ancient people believed that diamonds needed to be natural and uncut so they could keep their mystical powers.

In history, diamonds were polished rather than cut. Some jewellery makers still hand cut diamonds to this day - however, the machinery we use to cut diamonds today was invented in the 1900s. The diamonds in our point cut diamond rings collection have not yet been cut but rather polished. Our point cut diamond rings demonstrate the jewellery artisan's expertise before the technological age.

The first 'cutting' technique was the point cut diamond. Even though we would consider this polishing rather than cutting today, it was one of the first ways stonecutters shaped precious stones. Developed in India, this technique would create facets in a pyramid shape, which allowed the diamond to reflect light and sparkle beautifully. Point cut diamond rings truly demonstrate the stunning beauty of raw stone.

Antique jewellery pieces should be a careful investment. This is true whether you inherited or bought it. Antique point cut diamond rings are incredibly valuable, so you should make sure to get a fair price. Consulting jewellery experts on your point cut diamond ring can ensure you're getting the right advice. Here at Berganza, our expertise in vintage jewellery means we are ideal for this. If you have a beautiful point cut diamond ring you'd like to sell us, contact us at purchases@berganza.com.

Taking care of rare vintage jewellery, such as a point cut diamond ring, is incredibly important. Cleaning your ring correctly is a great way to enhance the value of your jewellery. Soak your jewellery carefully in warm water. Using a soft brush, dislodge any dirt; if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Vintage point cut diamond rings may have intricate metalwork, so make sure to clean in all the crevices where substances such as hand gel and moisturiser can build up. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your special point cut diamond ring can be taken care of properly.

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