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Round brilliant cut diamond rings are some of the most popular types of rings available on the vintage jewellery market. Brilliant cut diamonds are incredibly versatile, and are renowned for their extreme beauty. Brilliant cut rings are sometimes referred to as the ideal cut, due to their amazing beauty and opulence.

Brilliant cut diamonds are known for their form that has many facets. This iconic shape resembles a cone, and provides immense light return through the top of the diamond. This makes round brilliant cut diamond rings incredibly sparkly. They are stunning to look at. Brilliant cut rings are some of the most popular choices for engagement rings for modern brides. 

The first brilliant cuts were produced in the 17th Century. Diamond cutting was extremely popular at the time, and this resulted in brilliant cut rings. Known as Mazarins, they had 17 facets on the crown. A Venetian diamond polisher called Vincent Peruzzi then increased the amount of facets to 33. This massively increased the brilliance of the gemstone. These were incredibly beautiful for the time, however, the technicality of brilliant cut rings would only evolve. 

Around 1900, technological developments when it came to diamond polishing meant that round brilliant cut diamond rings could become even more technically stunning. Diamond saws and lathes made it possible for extensive advancements when it came to diamond production. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky analysed the cut, and calculated a new design in order to optimise the amount of light reflected. This massively increased the fire and brilliance. This has created the design of the round brilliant cut diamond rings that we see today. 

Nowadays, jewellers use computer technology to create round brilliant cut diamond rings. This means that perfect vintage brilliant cut rings are extremely valuable- they show exemplary craftsmanship. In the last 30 years, the demand for brilliant cut rings has massively increased. They are probably the most popular style of diamond on the market at the moment. 

Our collection of beautiful vintage round brilliant cut diamond rings are truly a range of stunning styles and expert craftsmanship. If any of these pieces catch your eye, please contact one of our specialists here at Berganza. We are also happy to assist with any inquiry at our Hatton Garden showroom


A brilliant cut ring features a brilliant cut diamond. Brilliant cut diamonds can be categorised by their array of facets, which display their brilliance. The amount of facets means that light can more easily be reflected through the stone, meaning they are often ‘sparklier.’ Round brilliant cut diamond rings are some of the most popular choices for engagement rings at the moment due to their elegance and beauty.

Brilliant cut rings were originally known as Mazarins during the 17th Century. However, a jewel cutter called Vincent Peruzzi made the stone with 33 facets, making it more like the brilliant cut rings we see today. In 1919, Marcel Towolsky would refine the brilliant diamond even more using technological advancements. This created the idea of a round brilliant cut diamond ring as we see it today.

The earliest versions of the brilliant cut were used in the 17th Century. At the time, they were referred to as Mazarins. Over time, brilliant cut rings have evolved due to improvements by jewellery cutters such as Peruzzi and Towolsky. This has created the new idea of the brilliant cut ring that is still being produced today.

Round brilliant cut diamond rings are usually one of the most expensive stones on the jewellery market. This is because it wastes the most amount of diamond rough- around 60% on average- during the cutting process. It is also one of the most in-demand diamond shapes for customers, meaning that the high demand drives prices up. Although brilliant cut rings are expensive, they will also retain their value due to their craftsmanship and popularity.

It’s important to preserve your vintage jewellery, especially a round brilliant cut diamond ring. Cleaning your ring correctly is a great way to keep them looking beautiful while also ensuring they keep their value. Rinse your piece carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Brilliant cut rings are extremely precious, so make sure you are being incredibly careful during the cleaning process. Make sure you rinse your ring. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your brilliant cut ring can be taken care of properly.

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