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Women Who Rule: Jewels and Politics

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The Suffragette movement of the late 19th and early 20th century saw the patriarchal dominance in politics challenged as women actively protested for equality. Although at the time, activists were fighting for their right to vote in parliamentary elections, they were also unknowingly paving the way for women leadership in the future. Significant appointments for women as heads of state or government followed in the 1960s with Ceylon, India and Israel all selecting female political leaders.

By 1979 the United Kingdom had followed suit and elected their very first female prime minister. Margaret Thatcher burst onto the political front with stern policies and imminent changes. Her no compromising attitude saw her dubbed the ‘Iron Lady’ as she took on those who opposed her and the Conservative party. Always seen with her signature style (which has now come to be known as ‘power dressing’), included skirt suits, dresses and handbags all accessorised with pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and an array of brooches. Her style is set to be celebrated with an exhibition of her outfits in the V&A museum in December. The Senior Curator of Fashion Claire Wilcox from the V&A stated ‘Baroness Thatcher used her wardrobe as a strategic tool to project power and inspire confidence.’

In the 21st century female leaders are slowly gaining prominence around the globe. Denmark, Ukraine, Germany, Norway, Australia and Jamaica have all had women as political leaders. The United Kingdom currently has a female Prime Minister Theresa May and the United States has their upcoming elections on November 8th where Hilary Clinton is in the running to be the first female President.

Whatever your profession, women everywhere are updating their corporate wardrobes to include subtle touches which ooze sophistication. Adorn your work attire with an elegant brooch, understated studs or a classic graduating pearl necklace. Choose your empowering jewellery piece today from the collections at Berganza.

Antique pearl and diamond bow brooch hatton garden berganza
Antique pearl and diamond bow brooch, circa 1905.
Ref: 25375
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