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We have an extensive collection of antique and vintage chains, crafted from both gold and platinum. These highly sought-after pieces provide a fascinating insight into some of history’s most famous eras. 

Dating back to ancient times, chains have long been an important part of society. Originally, thin strips of metal would be shaped to become round and were then attached along fine wires to create the traditional antique chain. Occasionally, precious gemstones would be incorporated into the design of antique and vintage chains to add dimension to the predominantly gold chain. 

Since then, this classic design continued to be popular, as they also had the practical purpose of holding pendants. More decorative vintage and antique chains emerged throughout the centuries as the ultimate symbol of status, sometimes featuring elaborate floral designs or colourful enamel. 

Georgian chains often feature ornate clasps, with each individual link decoratively engraved. Moving into the Victorian period, Albert chains, also known as watch chains, became increasingly popular amongst gentlemen. 

In the Art Deco era, antique natural pearl chains were introduced as the epitome of wealth, usually featuring fine platinum link chains. The increased length of these pieces allowed them to be worn in a myriad of different ways. 

Antique chains have endured for thousands of years and continue to be an important part of many vintage jewellery collections. Explore our range of platinum and gold antique and vintage chains, to find your own tangible piece of history. 


To clean your antique and vintage chains, take a soft cloth and gently wipe to remove any dust or fingerprints. For a deeper clean, combine mild soap and warm water, then take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently clean the chain. Rinse well and pat dry before putting away. This is a suitable method for cleaning both gold and platinum antique and vintage chains. If your antique or vintage chain contains pearls, it will be more delicate, so it is always advised that you have it professionally cleaned, or use a soft dry cloth to clean it at home. Regardless of the materials in your chain, you should be having it professionally cleaned annually. Not only does this give the opportunity to have it thoroughly cleaned, but the piece can be carefully assessed by an expert in order to ensure it is still in immaculate condition.

Until the beginning of the Art Deco era, gold was the predominant metal used to create antique and vintage chains. Whilst platinum was used to create chains from the turn of the twentieth century, it wasn’t until the popularity of platinum in the Art Deco era that platinum chains were favoured over gold chains. They were often used as the main metal to create natural pearl-long guard chains. The use of gold for chains did regain its popularity throughout the twentieth century, with many incredible pieces being made in gold over the decades.

The most accurate way to assess whether a vintage or antique chain is authentic, is to purchase it through a verified and reliable antique or vintage jeweller, who should offer a valuation for insurance purposes, stating all the details of the piece. This is a service that we offer with all purchases at Berganza, so please contact us to find out more information.

The origins of antique and vintage chains date back to ancient times. Seen as symbols of status and wealth, historically, vintage and antique chains were often reserved for the wealthiest members of society, including royalty.

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