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Antique jewellery is often considered to be of great value. The term antique jewellery refers to any piece that is more than 100 years old, which currently takes us back to the end of the Edwardian era. Jewellery has consistently been recognised across the centuries as an important and valuable commodity within society.

Antique jewellery is considered to be particularly valuable, as a certain excitement comes with the idea that a piece has a significant history. They can feature rare natural gemstones from world-renowned mines and hand-cut diamonds. This, along with its innate sense of mystery and handcrafted details add to its beauty, and increases its value. 

Many people believe that modern jewellery is not made with the same expertise, character and uniqueness that antique jewellery was. You simply will struggle to find the same level of craftsmanship that was seen in the past. Therefore, antique jewellery is likely to continue to retain and even appreciate in value for decades and centuries to come. For these reasons, antique jewellery is commonly seen as an investment. 

A particularly special thing about antique jewellery is that you can find a unique piece to treasure with a depth of history, no matter your budget. Explore one of the most extensive ranges of antique jewellery in the world. Our collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. Located in the heart of Hatton Garden, London, our collection of antique jewellery is available online and in-store.


The term antique jewellery refers to any piece from an era in history over 100 years ago. The Edwardian, Belle Époque, Art Nouveau, Victorian and Georgian eras are some of the most well-known and produced fine quality antique jewellery. Much of the antique jewellery we see today from these eras is still in pristine condition, which is a strong indicator of the high quality and value of antique jewellery.

The term antique jewellery refers to a piece of jewellery that is 100 years or older, whilst vintage refers to jewellery created 20 to 100 years ago. Retro pieces of jewellery from the 1940’s and 1950’s are also considered to be vintage. The depth of history that is associated with antique jewellery is fascinating, meaning there are some extremely rare and precious pieces waiting to be treasured.

Antique jewellery has stood the test of time, and this is in part because it has been looked after properly. To make sure you extend the life of your antique jewellery for as long as possible, you should clean it carefully. Avoid using any strong chemicals, cleaning solutions or abrasive sponges. Instead, we recommend using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush for harder gemstones. Gently clean your antique jewellery to remove any dirt, rinse it well with water and pat dry with a cloth. We recommend using just a dry cloth for softer gemstones.

If you decide to sell your antique jewellery, it is best to go to a certified jeweller. Not only are you likely to get the fairest price for your antique jewellery, but you will also know that it will be in good hands. There is a significant market for antique jewellery, so make sure you are getting a fair price.

Antique jewellery refers to a very wide range of different eras, dating as far back as the ancient civilisations; this jewellery is often referred to as ancient or early jewellery. Some of the earliest pieces in our collection are from ancient Egypt, dating back thousands of years! As antique jewellery is a piece of jewellery that is more than 100 years old, some of the early Art Deco pieces are now becoming antique. This is one of the most sought after styles of antique and vintage jewellery today.

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