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Antique and Vintage Ruby Earrings

Precious ruby earrings became incredibly popular during the 20th century because of their bold colouring. Through the 1920s, drop earrings utilised rubies alongside pearls and diamonds to add glamour to the contemporary woman’s party outfits. Whilst these newly liberated women danced, their earrings would spin and catch the light, twinkling on their ear. However, ruby stud earrings and clip-ons can be just as opulent, as the clusters often contain other precious stones of varying colours. 

Some of the most sought-after stones of all are the Burmese rubies, which can date back as early as 600 AD. These mines have since been depleted, making Burmese ruby earrings and other jewellery pieces very rare and a particularly precious piece to own. This is where you  may also see the term ‘pigeon blood rubies’, which denotes the deep rich red and transparency of the highest quality stones.

Ruby earrings and antique ruby rings suit those with a warm skin tone best of all. If your skin has a peachy or yellow hue to it, then earthy reds and bright greens will complement your complexion. This means emerald earrings and antique emerald rings can also be counted amongst some of your firm favourites. Vintage ruby earrings will also make a beautiful birthday gift for someone special, because the spectacular red stone is July’s birthstone. Find the perfect present for yourself or for someone you love at Berganza in Hatton Garden, London, or shop online from our enviable collection of antique earrings.

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