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Antique and Vintage Stud Earrings

Stud earrings can be worn at both casual and formal occasions, and are usually characterised by their smaller size and simpler design, typically set with a single stone, cluster of stones, or a decorative metalwork design. Even though mostly associated with smaller stones, the stud earring can use larger stones, designs, and stems to make a true statement. Just think of wonderful voluptuous diamond studs sparkling brighter than a starry night on the ear. This design is enjoyed by both ladies and men, and can complement other earrings, should one have multiple piercings, or indeed be the star of the show!

Diamond and gem-set stud earrings feature a multitude of settings, from claws and rub over settings, to even a carved design. A beautiful collection of stud earrings are on display at Berganza for you to be inspired by, and perhaps even become the next lucky owner of!


Yes, they can be dressed up or down and due to normally being smaller in size, and are an excellent choice for daily life.

You can, but we recommend that you remove your jewellery when sleeping, exercising, and showering, since this gentle consideration will make the pieces last for longer. This also avoids any of the metals and materials used being tarnished by topical skin products such as moisturisers or fragrances.

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