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Sugarloaf sapphires and other sugar loaf stone jewellery is some of the most prestigious and highly sought after jewellery in the world. Sugarloaf stones are a more refined variation of the cabochon cut, and are considered more rare. Cabochon cutting is one of the oldest forms of gemstone cutting in the world, and has been beloved for centuries. Sugarloaf stone jewellery is incredibly unique and eye-catching. 

Sugarloaf sapphires and other sugarloaf stone jewellery has a very unique, distinctive look. Sugarloaf stones can be recognised by the fact that they have an almost conical shape, to create a sphere with a high point. They also have a flat edge, making them perfect for jewellery setting. They are named after the tall, conical loaves of cane sugar that were sold up until the 20th Century. Sugar Loaves used to be the most popular way of storing and transporting household sugar around the world, and look very similar to the ‘cone’ shape of sugarloaf sapphires and stones. 

Sugarloaf stone cutting is highly popular regarding semi-precious stones, such as sapphires, rubies, tourmaline, opals and amethyst. This is because it is perfect for displaying coloured stones’ natural beauty and shine. This variation of cabochon cutting involves a lot of doming and polishing, which allows the natural asterism of sapphires and rubies to be seen. Sugarloaf sapphire and ruby rings are some of the most popular jewellery items in antique and vintage jewellery around the world. 

Sugarloaf sapphires are particularly popular, as the sugarloaf stone shaping technique is perfect for natural phenomenon such as star sapphires. Star sapphires and rubies are a very rare spectacle in gemstones, and it is incredibly rare to find them naturally. The sugarloaf stone shape allows for the asterism of star sapphires and rubies to shine incredibly, which is why sugarloaf sapphires are so popular. 

Sugarloaf sapphire and ruby jewellery has been popular throughout the ages, but exploded into popularity during the Art Deco period of the 1920s. After the First World War, society wanted a change from the delicate designs of the past, and instead favoured more geometric, glamorous jewellery designs. Many of our Art Deco rings as well as our 1940’s and 1950’s rings display stunning sugarloaf sapphire and rubies. 

The sugarloaf sapphire and other variations of the sugarloaf stone display the stunning craftsmanship of early stone cutters, and help to display the stunning natural beauty of coloured stones. If any of our sugarloaf sapphire or ruby jewellery pieces catch your eye, please be in touch with us here online, or in person at our Hatton Garden residence. 


Sugarloaf stones are considered to be a more refined variation of the cabochon cut, and are very rare.Sugarloaf stones can be recognised by the fact that they have an almost conical shape, to create a sphere with a high point. They also have a flat edge, making them perfect for jewellery setting. They have a very unique look, and sugarloaf sapphires are particularly popular, as the smooth edges display the stone’s natural asterism perfectly.

Sapphires are some of the most popular gemstones on the modern market, and for good reason. The natural quality of the stone is incredibly beautiful - if you have a rare star sapphire, this will definitely hold its value. Sugarloaf sapphires are some of the most popular choices when it comes to sapphires, as the shape of the stone preserves its quality and displays its natural beauty and asterism. Sugarloaf sapphires definitely hold their value over time.

Here at Berganza, there are many things we take into consideration when evaluating our sugarloaf sapphire rings and jewellery . They are often very valuable, so we take great care in the process of evaluation. First of all, we pay close attention to the sugarloaf stone in order to determine its value. If you have any authentication (such as proof of purchase, proof of designer) this can increase the value of your sugarloaf stone ring or jewellery piece. Antique sugarloaf sapphire jewellery is incredibly valuable, and we are committed to conducting accurate assessments on each piece that passes through our doors.

Antique jewellery pieces are a careful investment. Antique sugarloaf sapphire rings are incredibly valuable, so you should make sure to get a fair price. Consulting jewellery experts on your sugarloaf stone jewellery piece can ensure you’re getting the right advice. This is true whether you inherited or bought it. Here at Berganza, our expertise on vintage jewellery means we are ideal for this. If you have a beautiful sugarloaf sapphire ring that you’d like to sell to us, contact us at

It’s imperative that you preserve your precious vintage jewellery pieces. As vintage sugarloaf sapphire rings are incredibly valuable, it’s important to preserve their beauty. Rinse your jewellery carefully under warm water. Use a very soft brush to dislodge any dirt, and if it needs extra cleaning, use a mild washing-up liquid. Be careful when cleaning antique sugarloaf sapphire jewellery, and take care not to scratch the surface or dislodge the stone. Make sure you rinse the jewellery thoroughly. Here at Berganza, we offer complimentary annual cleaning for life with every purchase, so your vintage sugarloaf sapphire jewellery can be taken care of properly.

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