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Radiant cut diamond jewellery has been popular since its invention. Radiant cut diamonds were invented by diamond cutter Henry Grossbard in 1977. Working in New York, he was part of a group of diamond cutters who were utilising computer technology to create new diamond cuts. His goal was to create a square cut diamond that had the beauty and brilliance of modern round brilliant diamonds. The result was the stunning radiant cut diamond. 

Just like stonecutters of the past, the 1960s and 70s saw new technology able to assist in developing diamond cutting technology. Radiant cut diamonds were immediately popular down to their shine and beauty. Other diamond cuts which were invented at the time include the Princess Cut diamond and the Barion Cut. 

Radiant cut diamonds can be recognised by their 70 facets, which increases the light reflection of the stone. Some radiant cut diamonds have 66 facets, however, this does not reduce the beauty of the stone. It reflects light like a mirror, producing a beautiful shine. Jewellers choose the shape of the radiant cut diamond according to the setting and design of the piece. They are often cut in rectangular or square shapes, making them popular in engagement rings and bracelets.

Radiant cut diamonds look a lot bigger than their actual size. As a result, radiant cut diamond jewellery is renowned for its captivating appearance and status. This optical illusion is especially popular with people who love glamorous and eye-catching jewellery designs.

For jewellery enthusiasts who are captivated by the way diamonds sparkle, the radiant cut diamond is a perfect choice. Another reason why radiant cut diamond jewellery is so popular is due to its unique and stunning luminosity. The sparkle and brilliance of radiant cut diamonds are sought after worldwide. 

Radiant cut diamonds are also especially durable. Their cropped corners strengthen the stone, demonstrating how much Grossbard’s artistry has resulted in diamond cutting innovation. 

Radiant cut jewellery has been incredibly popular since it was introduced onto the jewellery market in 1977. If any pieces from our radiant cut diamond jewellery collection captivate you, please contact us online or in store. Otherwise, you can visit us in person at our showroom at the heart of Hatton Garden. 


Radiant cut diamonds were invented in 1977 by diamond cutter Henry Grossbard. His goal was to create a square diamond with the shine and brilliance of round brilliant diamonds. Using new technology, he created the design of the radiant cut diamond. Radiant cut diamonds usually look square or rectangular and have between 66-70 facets. These facets increase the light reflection of the stone, making it a sparkly and shiny diamond cut.

Radiant cut diamonds look elegant and alluring, making them a favourite of vintage jewellery enthusiasts. The radiant cut diamond is known for its luminosity - it reflects light like a mirror. This makes it popular for people who want a glamorous jewellery piece. Radiant cut diamonds are also incredibly durable and look a lot bigger than they actually are.

Overall, radiant cut diamonds are less expensive than other diamonds. This is because the radiant cut diamond uses more of the diamond rough than other stone cuts. However, vintage radiant cut diamond jewellery is often very valuable, and looks incredibly glamorous.

Radiant cut diamonds create an optical illusion - the diagonal measurement of the diamond makes it appear more significant than other stones with the same carat weight. Radiant cut diamonds reflect light like a mirror because of their crown facets, meaning they have a higher brilliance, brightness and shine.

Radiant cut diamonds are known worldwide for their elegance and versatility. They can be used in many different settings, including rings, bracelets and brooches. They are incredibly glamorous and durable, meaning that many consider them a good investment. Since their appearance on the market, vintage radiant cut diamond rings have been popular as engagement rings. Radiant cut diamonds were incredibly popular when they were invented and are still popular today.

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