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Victorian Carved Half Hoop Rings

Rich yellow gold and flashes of colour and sparkle

Monday 21st December 2015

This Summer at Berganza we have noticed an inclination towards the rather beautiful group of Victorian rings known as gem-set carved rings, all in rich coloured yellow gold. These special rings provide a flash of colour across the finger, either provided by one particular gemstone or in combination with scintillating diamond accents.

This style of ring was exceedingly popular and fashionable during the Victorian era. Each is set horizontally with a number of gemstones, perhaps set with three, five or seven stones in different combinations. There exists a multitude of variations- whether they are graduated for a tapering effect or similarly sized stones offering a broader look. Some rings of this style even have very small rose cut diamond points in between the larger gemstones, providing that extra sparkle and allure. The gemstones are set-off by intricate scrolling, finely carved galleries and shoulders, the ornate and attractive minutiae carved by hand from the richly coloured high carat yellow gold.

These rings are set with hand cut diamonds and the finest of coloured gemstones, all natural, all unenhanced. The Victorians would have sourced the gemstones from legendary mines which still set the standard today for the rarest and most beautiful colours: notably emeralds from Colombia, Burmese rubies and Ceylon or Burmese sapphires. The rings set with multiple coloured gemstones demonstrate the talent and patience of the skilled craftsmen in colour matching these natural unenhanced stones.

Victorian carved half hoop rings are exceptionally beautiful and solid, substantial pieces of jewellery which are very wearable on a daily basis. Such a ring could be enjoyed as an engagement ring, a dress ring or even added to your existing ring collection as an unusual eternity ring with further colour or glitter. Each one-of-a-kind ring displays delicate details, carved by hand, and are true pieces of English history, showcasing the very best of English design and craftsmanship from over a century ago.

Antique emerald and diamond carved three stone ring hatton garden
Victorian Colombian emerald and diamond carved three stone ring, English, circa 1890.
Ref: 27511
Victorian Burmese red spinel diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Victorian Burmese red spinel and diamond three stone ring, circa 1900.
Ref: 20396
Antique sapphire and diamond ring berganza hatton garden
Antique sapphire and diamond carved five stone ring, circa 1900.
Ref: 27449
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