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Pablo Picasso and the Cubism movement in the Art Deco period

Exhibition at Tate Modern

In the early 20th century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso was establishing his unique style in the city of Paris. After meeting fellow French artist Georges Braque in 1907, the two collaborated to create one of the most revolutionary art styles in history known as cubism. This new style used geometric shapes and angular patterns to formulate abstract landscapes, portraits and everyday objects. The sharp lines and creative shapes seen in these early art pieces captivated those who were used to the realistic shading and curves of the traditional styles.

The style developed into two distinct phases, the first known as analytical and the latter known as synthetic. The first phase was austere with the subject matter depicted using flat shapes which created an object through viewing the shapes from different angles and shades, whilst the second phase used bold, bright block colours with simpler shapes.

The cubism art movement continued to captivate well into the Art Deco period and inspired some of the geometric and abstract designs and architecture of the 1920s and 30s. In jewellery, the introduction of the step cut diamond in various shapes allowed designers to fully embrace cubism. Symmetrical clusters such as item 21959, display the cubism style with step cut diamonds intricately and strategically set, to create a right-angled shape. As the period progressed, designers became more adventurous and coloured gemstones featured in these stylish pieces.

To view some of the incredible masterpieces of the late Pablo Picasso, visit the ‘Picasso 1932 – Love, Fame, Tragedy’ Exhibition running from 8th March – 9th September at Tate Modern. For something more wearable, visit our team of specialists at Berganza and secure a cubism inspired, Art Deco treasure suitable for any art enthusiast.

front view art deco blue sapphire diamond ring hatton garden berganza
Oscar Heyman Brothers Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring, American, circa 1925.
Ref: 25179
tiffany diamond sapphire ring hatton garden berganza
Tiffany & Co. sapphire and diamond ring, circa 1935.
Ref: 23912
art deco diamond cocktail ring hatton garden berganza
Art Deco diamond cocktail ring, circa 1930.
Ref: 23665
Art Deco diamond flanked solitaire ring, English, circa 1930. Hatton Garden
Art Deco diamond flanked solitaire ring, English, circa 1930.
Ref: 22346
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