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With Wimbledon around the corner, Berganza is shining a spotlight on our collection of antique and vintage bracelets. Of these, the tennis bracelet is perhaps the most well-known today. A timeless design that traditionally features an articulated row of diamonds, this piece can also feature coloured gemstones, either set alone, or with diamonds to provide a striking look.

Our collection of antique and vintage bracelets spans centuries, showcasing the finest materials of the eras, and the most spectacular of designs. Our bracelets feature beautifully matched rare natural unenhanced gemstones, including sapphires, rubies and garnets, alongside exquisite decorative details. Many of the bracelets in our collection represent the finest craftsmanship by world renowned jewellery houses, including Boucheron, Oscar Heyman Brothers and Tiffany & Co, so you are sure to find the perfect piece to enchant!

The diamond line bracelet has been a popular accessory since the 1920s, but it wasn’t until tennis star Chris Evert wore a diamond line bracelet during her matches that it became a much sought after piece, quickly becoming a staple of every woman’s jewellery box. Winning an impressive eighteen Grand Slam singles tournaments in her career, Evert was also known for her stylish on-court attire, which included a diamond line bracelet. This soon became her signature piece of jewellery, which she called her ‘tennis bracelet’. In 1987, during an intense match, Evert famously asked officials to halt the game as her bracelet had slipped off her wrist and was lost on the court. Play did not resume until the bracelet was found, and the diamond line bracelet would henceforth be known as the tennis bracelet.

Whilst the tennis bracelet is arguably one of the most famous designs today, bracelets have been worn throughout history, with some of the earliest pieces being created from organic materials such as grasses and shells. The bracelet has subsequently held many functions, from wristbands crafted from leather and metal worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans to protect themselves in battle, to ornate diamond and gem-set pieces of the Art Deco era that adorned ladies who wanted to make a statement through their accessories.

Whether you are searching for a bracelet to wear every day, or for a special occasion, you can view our entire collection either online, in our Hatton Garden showroom, or by booking a zoom appointment with one of our specialists between Monday and Saturday, 10am until 5pm.

Boucheron guilloché enamel bracelet berganza hatton garden
Boucheron guilloché enamel bracelet, French, circa 1890.
Ref: 25224
Angel skin coral diamond bracelet berganza hatton garden
Angel skin coral and diamond bracelet, Italian, circa 1970.
Ref: 25232
J.E. Caldwell chrysoberyl diamond bracelet berganza hatton garden
J.E. Caldwell cat's eye chrysoberyl and diamond bracelet, American, circa 1935.
Ref: 25239
Boucheron Paris vintage bracelet berganza hatton garden
Boucheron Paris bracelet, French, circa 1940.
Ref: 25246
Art Deco diamond bracelet hatton garden
Art Deco diamond bracelet, circa 1920.
Ref: 26837
Art Deco sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1935
Art Deco sapphire and diamond bracelet, circa 1935.
Ref: 25253
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