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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

square or rectangle with rounded corners from the 17th century

Cushion cut engagement rings exhibit timeless elegance and are prized for their exclusivity and uniqueness. A cushion cut typically has a pleasing shape- a square or rectangle with softly rounded corners, sometimes slightly irregular in outline.

We have an extensive selection of desirable antique and vintage cushion cut engagement rings, whether you are looking for an eye-catching cushion cut diamond solitaire or a glamorous cushion cut cluster engagement ring. There is a multitude of possibilities- either set solely with diamonds or set centrally with a coloured gemstone such as a natural unenhanced ruby, sapphire or emerald.

The earliest examples of antique cushion cut engagement rings date from the late 17th century and this enduring cut gained popularity throughout the succeeding centuries. Cushion cut set rings can be seen in each of the distinct design periods, from ornately carved Victorian cushion cut engagement rings, to graceful floral Edwardian cushion cut engagement rings, to striking geometric Art Deco cushion cut engagement rings right through to the stylish signed cushion cut engagement rings of the vintage era, handcrafted by the most famous jewellery houses such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Boucheron.

For a piece of antique or vintage jewellery with extra sophistication, why not explore our wide variety of unusual, one-of-a-kind cushion cut engagement rings.

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