At Berganza we are passionate about antique jewellery, and in this series of features we'd like to share our passion and to inform, entertain and enthuse you too.


  • Chrysoberyl

    Chrysoberyl is an unusual and often unknown gem in jewellery -purely due to its rarity. Click here to discover the three types of chrysoberyl.
  • A History of Earrings: Part 9. Vintage 1960’s and 1970’s earrings

    Our final instalment is here! Featuring the fabulous vintage designs of the 1960s and 70s.
  • Lapis Lazuli

    From the earliest civilisations right up to the present day, lapis lazuli has been revered for its intense blue colour and included in the most important artworks throughout history. Find out more about its enduring appeal.


  • ‘Requiescat In Pace’ : Mourning and Memento Mori Jewellery

    Halloween in upon us! Learn how themes of death and remembrance appear in antique jewellery.
  • Our Stuart Rock Crystal Love Knot Ring, 17th century.

    Our newly acquired Stuart ring belongs to an exciting group of jewellery called ‘Stuart crystals. These pieces are attractive, rare and highly collectable. Click here to learn more about their history.
  • A History of Earrings: Part 4. Victorian earrings: The Middle Victorian Period 1860 - 1885

    Queen Victoria reigned for a total of 64 years. Across this period, there were three prominent jewellery trends. In this article we outline the second part, the Middle Victorian period, from 1860 to 1885.
  • Viking Jewellery

    Discover the intricate jewellery made by Viking craftsmen
  • A History of Earrings: Part 3. Victorian Earrings: The Romantic Period 1837 - 1860

    Continuing with our popular earrings feature, this week we begin to look at the Victorian period.
  • A History of Earrings: Part 2. Middle Ages to Georgian

    Here is part 2 of our research into the fascinating history of earrings!