At Berganza we are passionate about antique jewellery, and in this series of features we'd like to share our passion and to inform, entertain and enthuse you too.


  • Precious Natural Pearls: A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

    Pearls have always been considered one of the most precious of gems and make a wonderful gift of love, read more about what makes natural pearls so special...
  • The Phenomenon of Floriography!

    Be romanced by the language of flowers...
  • Ancient Celtic Jewellery

    Survivals of Ancient Celtic jewellery are incredibly rare. Learn about jewellery worn by the Celts and discover the Ancient Celtic rings in our collection.


  • Crossover engagement rings

    Discover the romance behind antique crossover engagement rings...
  • Moonstone

    Moonstone has been known for its beautiful shimmering light effect since ancient times when it was believed to be made of the rays of the moon. Click here to see our unique selection of antique moonstone jewellery.
  • Chrysoberyl

    Chrysoberyl is an unusual and often unknown gem in jewellery -purely due to its rarity. Click here to discover the three types of chrysoberyl.
  • A History of Earrings: Part 9. Vintage 1960’s and 1970’s earrings

    Our final instalment is here! Featuring the fabulous vintage designs of the 1960s and 70s.
  • Lapis Lazuli

    From the earliest civilisations right up to the present day, lapis lazuli has been revered for its intense blue colour and included in the most important artworks throughout history. Find out more about its enduring appeal.
  • A History of Earrings: Part 8. The glamorous 1940’s and 1950’s

    The 1940s signified a shift in jewellery design. Read our new earrings feature here to find out why.