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Established in Verona in 1879,​ ​Italian jeweller Carlo Weingrill, was a master of striking and distinctive gold jewellery. Aged 11, Carlo began working as an apprentice in a goldsmith’s shop, and by 1879, aged 22, he opened his own factory. Carlo Weingrill ​was​ the original manufacturer behind some of the most classic and recognizable designs in jewelry including Bulgari’s famous tubogas-style bracelets, necklaces and rings, various gold cuffs for Tiffany & Co. and the Trinity bangle bracelets for Cartier. He died in 1924, and his two sons took over, transforming the small artisan business into a bigger venture, gaining a worldwide reputation for fine workmanship. Today, the business remains family-run, with the excellence and craftsmanship from Carlo’s era handed down through the generations.

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